Stand in Your Power.
Create Revolutionary Change.

the journey starts here

Stand in Your Power. Create Revolutionary Change. Thrive.

the journey starts here

Make Sure White Supremacy Culture + Capitalism Aren’t In Your Leadership!

Get my FREE guide that tells you the 3 sneaky ways white supremacy and capitalism may be showing up in your leadership - even as an experienced revolutionary leader.

Hey, I’m Gieselle!

I help Women & Femmes of Color discover the confidence that comes with:

  • decolonizing your thoughts
  • owning your motherfucking identity
  • learning to trust your intuition

and building a thriving life that reflects your values and resonates with your core.

I believe the world is so much richer when women of color & femmes of color are thriving, in community together, and feel confident as fuck as they move through the world.

If you believe in that vision too, then you and I are kindred spirits, and you’re in the right place.

Revolutionary Rising

Mindset Coaching For Entrepreneurs of Color

It's time for you to thrive.

Are you ready?

"The community of women & femmes of color in this group is phenomenal."

“Gieselle's support is so generous, extremely intentional, and strong. She has helped me determine which feelings, traumas, and instincts are truly mine and which are created by white people to make me feel less. I've never seen any community like the one Gieselle created. With them, all I felt was, 'Finally, I am home.'”

-antoinette, lifestyle business coach

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
...But It Will Be Podcasted

Throughout history, we’ve been forced to conform to standards of patriarchy, colonization, and capitalism.

It’s time we set fire to it all.

If you’re ready to redefine your version of "success" while also thriving emotionally, financially, and physically, add Revolutionary Rising to your rotation.

Revolutionary Rising is a podcast for women & femmes of color who know they deserve more and refuse to conform.

Latest Episodes

The Most Important Episode

The Most Important Episode

Download a TranscriptAs folks of color, it’s not uncommon for us to start our businesses because we hit (racist) walls in the corporate world. The only problem? Most of the time…we start our businesses being that same shitty boss we tried to escape. In today’s...

Reclaiming Your Name w/ Junielle Rosher

Reclaiming Your Name w/ Junielle Rosher

Download a TranscriptWhen I met Junielle, she went by “Elle”... …because, you guessed it – she felt like her name was “too difficult.” But lately, she’s been reclaiming her voice… …and as she’s reclaimed her voice, she’s reclaimed her name.   During this episode,...

You’re Gonna Get Called Out

You’re Gonna Get Called Out

Download a TranscriptAs a result of “cancel culture,” you might feel pretty damned unsafe showing up boldly in these streets, because you can’t afford to say the wrong thing and have it impact your finances. I used to be terrified that when I spoke up as an...

If You Don’t Listen To Yourself, No One Else Will w/ Kat Muñoz

If You Don’t Listen To Yourself, No One Else Will w/ Kat Muñoz

Download a TranscriptToday I’m joined by one of my favorite people and a former client of mine, Kat Munoz! Kat and I talk about: Finding herself and actually enjoying being herself The power of asking herself what she needed and honoring what she wants How she created...

We Can’t Thrive Alone!

The best part about building a Revolutionary life is knowing that your fam’s got your back. Join the Revolutionary Changemakers of Color Facebook group for women and femmes of color who want to create change, and do it THEIR way.

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