Stand in Your Power.
Create Revolutionary Change.

the journey starts here

Stand in Your Power. Create Revolutionary Change. Thrive.

the journey starts here

Ready to thrive outside the white-washed "norm"?

Get my FREE private podcast that teaches you how to step into your own power, create your own version of success, and initiate revolutionary change as a person of color in a white supremacist world.

Hey, I’m Gieselle!

I help Women & Femmes of Color discover the confidence that comes with:

  • decolonizing your thoughts
  • owning your motherfucking identity
  • learning to trust your intuition

and building a thriving life that reflects your values and resonates with your core.

I believe the world is so much richer when women of color & femmes of color are thriving, in community together, and feel confident as fuck as they move through the world.

If you believe in that vision too, then you and I are kindred spirits, and you’re in the right place.

Revolutionary Rising

Mindset Coaching For Women & Femmes of Color

It's time for you to thrive.

Are you ready?

"The community of women & femmes of color in this group is phenomenal."

“Gieselle's support is so generous, extremely intentional, and strong. She has helped me determine which feelings, traumas, and instincts are truly mine and which are created by white people to make me feel less. I've never seen any community like the one Gieselle created. With them, all I felt was, 'Finally, I am home.'”

-antoinette, lifestyle business coach

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
...But It Will Be Podcasted

Throughout history, we’ve been forced to conform to standards of patriarchy, colonization, and capitalism.

It’s time we set fire to it all.

If you’re ready to redefine your version of "success" while also thriving emotionally, financially, and physically, add Revolutionary Rising to your rotation.

Revolutionary Rising is a podcast for women & femmes of color who know they deserve more and refuse to conform.

Latest Episodes

you give too much, sib

you give too much, sib

Download a TranscriptRevolutionary leadership is NOT synonymous with overgiving! Regardless of the season, overgiving is never in. We are chatting all about the ‘why’ of overgiving. You may ask yourself, how do I regulate my giving when I want to serve and give to as...

overcoming isolation in leadership

overcoming isolation in leadership

Download a TranscriptOvercoming the lonely road of leadership After the last episode we know why revolutionary leadership can get so damn lonely, now we are digging into what the fuck to do about it! We CRAVE a community of like minded people, and seek nourishing...

why’s it “lonely at the top”?

why’s it “lonely at the top”?

Download a TranscriptBased on the saying that we all know, and honestly have felt intimately at some point or another as a revolutionary leader, “it’s lonely at the top”. (I’m using this phrase, recognizing that it’s flawed because revolutionary leadership is...

leaning into your power and leadership

leaning into your power and leadership

Download a TranscriptAfter discussing the concept of leadership and power in episode two, it is time we discuss the importance of leaning into our leadership and continually seeing and expressing our power. Doing this is necessary to make the massive impact we are...

We Can’t Thrive Alone!

The best part about building a Revolutionary life is knowing that your fam’s got your back. Join the Revolutionary Changemakers of Color Facebook group for women and femmes of color who want to create change, and do it THEIR way.

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