It’s time to get the joy, rest, and accolades that you deserve.

the journey starts here

It’s time to get the joy, rest, and accolades that you deserve.

the journey starts here

Make Sure White Supremacy Culture +
Capitalism Aren’t In Your Leadership!

Get my FREE guide that tells you the 3 sneaky ways white supremacy and capitalism may be showing up in your leadership - even as an experienced revolutionary leader.

Hey, I’m Gieselle!


I support leaders of color to discover the confidence that comes with:

  • feeling safe to speak up (no matter who’s in the room!)
  • trusting their intuition & decisions as a leader
  • healing burnout for good (without missing a deadline!)

…so that they can show up as the brilliant leader they want to be – in and out of the workplace.

I believe that every leader of color deserves to build a thriving life that is filled with joy, reflects their values and resonates with their core.

If you believe in that vision too, then you and I are kindred spirits, and you’re in the right place.

Proudly partnering with, and empowering leaders from

1:1 Coaching For Leaders of Color

It’s time for you to thrive.

Are you ready?

“Working with Gieselle is worth the investment in money and time. As a person of color, it is a complex weave of roadblocks, issues, systems, etc that we have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes all at once. And, having Gieselle as a coach, you will never feel alone or crazy. She is strong, direct, loving, kind, empathetic -- all the qualities that you need in someone who can help you maneuver in this journey of life as a POC.”

-Eleanor, Financial Consultant

Better than your average DEI Work

The most impactful work you’ll do for your leaders of color (and your bottom line) is to implement programming that supports your leaders of color to feel safe speaking up, trust their decisions, and feel confident showing up as the dynamic, bold leaders they want to be in the workspace.

Folks of color have different obstacles and lived experiences that impact their ability to succeed within the workplace – which is why trainings specific to them aren’t just “nice to have.”s. They’re a necessity.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
...But It Will Be Podcasted

Throughout history, folks of color have been forced to conform to standards of patriarchy, colonization, and capitalism.

It’s time we set fire to it all.

If you’re ready to redefine your version of “success” while also thriving emotionally, financially, and physically, add Revolutionary Rising to your rotation.

Revolutionary Rising is a podcast for leaders of color who know they deserve more.

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The Key to Doing Less As a Leader of Color w/ Jaya

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Stop Working Twice As Hard

Stop Working Twice As Hard

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You Can Ask for What You Need w/ Cassandra Le

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Why it’s So Hard to Rest

Why it’s So Hard to Rest

Download a TranscriptWelcome back to season 4 of the podcast!!! If you’re true to this, you know that each season we focus on a specific issue that leaders and entrepreneurs of color navigate. I’ve known what I wanted focus this season on since January because every...

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