4 secrets to expand and deepen your power as a BIPOC leader

May 16, 2022

You have so many things you want to create in this world.

You have a vision for yourself, your family, and your community that you know you’re ready to bring to fruition.

You’ve come so far and already had so much success.

But if you’re honest, you’re not shining quite as brightly as you need to (or maybe just want to) as you expand to your next level.

You’re brilliant. You’re good at what you do. You have a magic inside of you that is always trying to break free.

And yet, you know you’re a little too humble.

You still doubt yourself a little too much.

And you know you need to shed that skin before you move even bigger mountains out in this world.

Am I calling you out, sib?

If so, you need to expand and deepen your revolutionary power.

Your revolutionary power isn’t something that you “get” – it’s something that’s been inside you since birth.

It’s a power source that is the culmination of your individual power, the power of your community, ancestors, and culture.

It’s the power that reminds you who the fuck you really are (a mf-ing badass, lets be honest) and what you can do (literally fucking everything.)

When you can access that power on command, and stay connected to it for days, or weeks on end – that’s when hitting that next level you know you’re ready for becomes easy.

It might sound like I’m being hyperbolic here because you’re not used to feeling powerful for extended periods of time – but it’s 100% possible. I know because I’ve helped clients access this place time and time again.

Here are some of the secrets for how we do it:

1. Acknowledge your toxic relationship to power 


When you hear the word “power,” you pretty likely start to think of greed.

You probably think about all of the negative experiences you’ve had with power-abusing white folks, men, leaders, etc.

You’ve seen how power can be twisted to oppress, harm, and make other people small.

If you’re being honest, you likely haven’t seen power wielded in healthy ways your entire life.

No wonder you may feel like power is gross or not really meant for someone like you.

You want to feel powerful – but also don’t want that power to lead you to hurt other humans of color…

…in the same ways that harmful AF white folks have harmed you and your community.

Sound familiar?  It’s because this is so common for BIPOC folks, which is why I recorded an entire, deep-dive episode on this topic on my podcast, Revolutionary Rising:

In this podcast episode, I break down how BIPOC folks developed a toxic relationship with power (spoiler alert: white supremacy and capitalism are the stars of this toxic ass show, lol) and WTF to do about it.

Revolutionary Rising is a podcast for revolutionary women & femmes of color- and season two is all about leadership.

In addition to our toxic relationship with power, I’m also talking about:

  • Feeling like you have to “have it all together” as a revolutionary leader
  • Overgiving in professional and personal relationships (you know you do it!)
  • Building nourishing relationships with collaborators, clients, employees

and so much more.

Ready for a leadership conversation that’s finally aligned with your identities and revolutionary values? Then you definitely want to check out season two on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or Stitcher.


2. Focus on safety


As folks of color, we live in a world where we are legitimately unsafe:⁠⁠

  • Mentally⁠
  • Emotionally⁠
  • Physically⁠

…and the reality is that we’ve been forced to do so fucking much within that lack of safety.⁠

Here’s the truth: even though plenty of things are possible without safety, stepping into our FULL expression of our inherent power requires safety⁠

….because we literally don’t have access to our full brain power when we feel unsafe.⁠

When we don’t have access to our full brain power, we can’t be as creative, as intuitive, and well, we definitely can’t access and sustain the full extent of our power.

Here’s the real trick to feeling safe (& powerful!) as a BIPOC person in a white supremacist world:

You’ve got to build your internal safety. 

We’ve been taught that external things like other people and money make us safe.

But the truth is, we have access to our internal safety all the time.

And if we can connect to that internal safety in any given situation – then you can also feel powerful, no matter what situation you’re in or the person you’re currently around.

To help you start connecting to that internal safety, I’m sharing a visualization with you that I recently did with my clients that will help you start connecting with your internal sense of safety in your body.

This isn’t basic bitch sh*t – this is visualization that can really make a difference for you.

So buckle up, check out the visualization – and start accessing that internal safety.

I promise, this is the true key to your power.


3. Release cultural & familial stories


Honestly, one of the most surprising (and heartbreaking) things that I’ve realized from working with women and femmes of color is that the biggest voices that keep us feeling disempowered….

…tend to come from our families and communities.

It’s not because our families and communities are assholes, though.

It’s actually the opposite – our families and community members want us to be safe.

And historically, powerful people of color have not been safe, because if there’s one thing that white folks don’t like, it’s people of color who know their self worth.

So thanks to generational trauma, instead of waiting for white folks to police people in our communities, we now police ourselves, by calling each other “uppity,” or “too big for our britches” and we get taught to stay in line.

*deep sigh*

But through all of this, all that ends up happening is none of us end up feeling powerful at all.

There’s a lot more to stay here – so I recorded a video for you all about this over on Facebook. You can check it out here.


4. Disconnect from the day-to-day


Our inherent power comes from being fully and deeply connected to our: 





But it’s a constant battle to stay connected to those things to in our day to day lives, because we live in a white supremacist and capitalist world that systematically tries to disconnect us from our intuition, bodies, and communities so that we move through the world in our designated “place.”

That’s why disconnecting from the day to day is so fucking important – because it’s only when we intentionally take the time and energy to truly disconnect from these harmful systems that we can fully access those parts of ourselves, and our power.

Taking space for ourselves is a big fucking battle, too, because the inertia and grind of capitalism is so strong.

We have money to make.

Mouths to feed.

Places to go.

Taking space to cultivate our power seems like a luxury that is just not as urgent and important as everything else going on in our life.

Capitalism wants to keep you busy surviving, especially as a revolutionary leader of color…

…because if you weren’t so goddamned focused on surviving, then you’d do even more fighting for the justice, peace, joy, and liberation that our communities deserve.

Wanna know why?

Because you’d have full access to your power.

Taking the space to connect to your inherent power is not a luxury for a revolutionary leader of color like you, precious – 

It’s a necessity if you’re going to keep going out here and being the force of nature, change, and healing that I know you are.

If you want a dedicated space to disconnect from your day to day, and reconnect with your power, you may want to check out a community experience I’ve created for revolutionary leaders of color:

It’s called The Power Portal.

It’s a six week virtual experience for revolutionary leaders of color who want more power, so they can create more impact in their communities.

This isn’t going to be basic bitch shit, honey – 

We’re going to go deeeeeep in these sessions with coaching, somatic work, energy healing, and rituals to call in our power, the power of the collective, and the power that our ancestors have been ready to bestow upon us.

And the best part is – you’ll be doing this deep work along with the most badass revolutionary leaders of color beside you.

If this sounds like it might be up your alley, click here to learn more about the retreat.

And because you’re a new friend of mine, I have a special gift for you! When you sign up, you can get 100 dollars off with the code NEWBIE.

Go forth in power, precious.

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