4 sneaky ways that white supremacy lives in your business and what to do about it

Apr 20, 2021

Do you know what parts of your business are being run by white supremacy culture?

Spoiler alert: honestly, it’s probably most of it.

White supremacy culture is all around us.

  • in the way we try to be an expert in our marketing
  • in the way we try to do everything right in our business strategies
  • in the way that we’re all about the hustle in our everyday lives
  • and it’s in our fucking minds

You’ve likely internalized white supremacy culture in the way that you do your business.

Because to be honest, every single business strategy we’re taught is steeped in white supremacy culture.

But that being said…
… not all hope is lost.

You can fight and you can eradicate white supremacy culture in your business. I’m doing this and my clients are doing this all the time.

White supremacy culture shows up in our business in a myriad of ways, but here are the four of the most common ways I see in my clients.

P.S. – More of an active learner rather than a reader? Don’t worry, me too.
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1. You feel like you have to rush for everything


One of the characteristics of white supremacy culture is it creates a sense of urgency.

It makes you feel like you have to…
… do things by x time
… push forward
… scale quickly
… do everything by yesterday.

“This has to happen before the weekend.”
… but does it, honey?

And let’s be real, who is setting these deadlines for your business? Is it you or your old white coach?

Let’s be honest – the deadlines we create in our businesses are really arbitrary.

It creates a sense of urgency that, when we step back and look at the big picture, might not make any sense at all.

Cause seriously, honey, who are we rushing for?

White supremacy and capitalism make us feel like we have to make money right away with these “get rich quick” solutions.

But quick fixes are never the answer if you truly want to thrive and have a solid, decolonized foundation for your business.

When you’re making decisions based on a sense of urgency, oftentimes you’re ignoring what is actually right for you, right now.

The opposite of a business that’s full of a sense of urgency, is a decolonized business that is full of joy, pleasure, and rest.

One way to do that is to question the deadlines in your business and ask yourself:

  • Does this actually need to happen by x date?
  • If I push this back, will my business fall apart?
  • Will my business survive if I take some time to rest?
  • How can I give myself more time?
  • How can I slow down?

This is something we spend a lot of time on in Revolutionary Rising. Take it from one of my clients, Kat:

“With Gieselle’s help I realized that rest is a money-making activity and I am at my best when I am filled up.”


2. You want to run your business the “right” way


White supremacy culture teaches us there’s only one right way.

And spoiler alert, the only person who knows that is a white person.

What white supremacy does is overrides our natural instincts…

  • by dismissing what feels right and best for you
  • believing that your worth is tied to your productivity
  • and not taking the time you need for yourself

… causing us to feel empty and creating businesses we don’t even want.

Most of us are folks who serve others and want to liberate our communities.

When you start doing what is right for you instead of the “right” way, you give permission to the rest of our communities to do the same.

White supremacy culture and capitalism ignore our intuition, ancestral wisdom, and lived experience, which are the actual things you need to figure out the right way to run your business for you.

Because honey, there’s no one right way to run your business.

Anything can work if you enjoy it, it feels good, and it’s right for you.

All of the business strategies we’re taught are just someone else teaching us their right way.

So run your business your way.


3. You can only rely on yourself


Another characteristic of white supremacy culture is individualism, which wants us to believe that it’s “every man for himself” in our businesses, or that to get things done right, you need to do it yourself.

Individualism creates an environment of

  • mistrust
  • isolation
  • burnout
  • “I’m on my own” rather than growing and depending on community

This is something that’s been ingrained in us since the moment our ancestors stepped foot on colonizer soil (or let’s be real, since they came and colonized our soil.)

Which all makes sense because as POC’s, white supremacy culture aims to pit us against each other and make us feel alone.

But it’s not something you need to subscribe to anymore.

Because precious, you deserve support.

Sure, you can do it alone…

… but it is so much easier and so deeply healing when you have a community to support you.

Cause who else is gonna relate to…
… the trauma you’ve experienced from past white coaches?
… the beauty of your intersectional identities?
… and all of the other POC struggles?

Shame that comes from the traumas of white supremacy culture, capitalism, and patriarchy thrives in isolation.

And when you’re in a community of WFOC’s who are all on similar journeys to decolonize their businesses, the shame dies…

… and you thrive.

Our liberation comes from each other.

Our self-care comes from community care.

We need more people in this world breaking the cycles of isolation and loneliness that colonization has created in all of our communities.

Because when we are together, we change the world.


“With Gieselle and the amazing Revolutionary Rising community, I have taken on the art of curating and crafting my days and weeks with mindfulness, intention, and grace.”
Andrea Stern, Founder/ Owner Satori Yoga Studio


4. You feel like you have to be perfect


As humans of color, we’ve been told…
… we have to be perfect to succeed
… to work twice as hard to get half as far
… we can’t let people know we have flaws

This translates in our business as feeling like failures if we ever miss a (capitalism-imposed) deadline or fall short on our goals (which are probably unrealistic due to white capitalistic standards anyways).

You notice your “inadequacies” more readily than your successes.

It’s a protection/survival mechanism that may have served you and your ancestors in the past, but it doesn’t serve you in your business now.

Here’s what I want you to hear:

  • You can be the fullest, messiest version of yourself and see your business grow
  • You can step out of the white entrepreneurship mold and thrive
  • You can own your imperfections and bring in more clients

I know because I’ve done it and my clients have done the same.

Honestly, honey, being your most authentic self will bring in more of your soulmate clients than any fake, white-washed version of yourself could ever bring, because you…

… own your full truth and are perfectly imperfect
… lead from a place of passion rather than profit
… welcome “mistakes” as learning opportunities (and know that making mistakes is different than being a mistake)

So instead of worrying about what other people (*cough* white folks *cough*) will think…

… own your motherfucking messy, imperfect, authentic POC identity and show up for your people (cause your people will love you either way).


Holy fuck, Gieselle – what do I do about this white supremacist bullshit??


Don’t stress, honey – you’re functioning as socialized.

… but it’s possible to overcome white supremacy culture in your business and run a business that feels decolonized, liberated, and owns your full POC glory.

Want to learn how my clients and I do this on the daily?

Good news – I’ve recorded an in-depth training that goes deeper into:

  • the exact places where white supremacy culture lives in your business
  • tangible tools & resources you can apply same day to eradicate that shit.

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