A New Relationship to Productivity & Consistency w/ Kim David

Oct 19, 2023Revolutionary Rising Podcast

In this episode, Kim & I break down how they went from feeling counterproductive & stuck in numbing activities, to feeling like they’re simultaneously moving forward in their goals without sacrificing their joy, rest, and vibrant life.

We also talked about:

  • how to navigate the shame of “failure” when making a pivot
  • mental health, neurodiversity, and their impact on productivity and rest
  • feeling like you have to be exceptional


About Kim:

Kim David is a business growth strategist, creator, and lifelong learner. She is the host of the Work But Don’t Forget To Live Podcast and the founder of Freebird Society. She believes bigger does not mean better and is passionate about helping small businesses take over the world to dismantle systems of oppression.




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