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Have you spent your whole life thinking, there’s something big out there waiting for me? Have you wanted more in your life, but you can’t shake the thought in the back of your mind that says you’ll screw it all up? I’ve been there. Honey, have I been there.

Hey, I’m Gieselle.

I’m a Black, American, queer, able-bodied, neurotypical, cisgender woman…

…and a leadership coach for folx of color.

I feel so grateful every day that my path in this world is to help folx of color reclaim their brilliance and power so that they can stand up, speak their mind, and lead us into a future that our ancestors have only dreamed of.

But tbh – I wasn’t always this liberated.

For most of my life, I felt like an outsider trying to fit in.

Growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, I always felt like I wasn’t Black enough. I “talked white,” was introverted and a bookworm, and overall just not the “right” kind of Black.

When I moved to Los Angeles, suddenly I was TOO Black – I was acutely aware that my Blackness wasn’t a good thing and I slowly started believing that I was too Black, too ugly and too fat to fit in anywhere. In turn, I did my best to assimilate and distance myself from my “Blackness.”

Poor, sweet baby Gieselle.


Thankfully, the universe helped a sister out.

I met an energy healer who opened my eyes to the fact that I have the passion, heart, and talent to heal. But I still couldn’t put my finger on what I was meant to do.

Three years, one city and career change later, I met a coach, and it hit me like a bolt of lightning – this is what I was meant to do.

I took a leap of faith, quit my job, and moved into coaching full-time.

But it wasn’t all happily ever after from there.

I became a super successful coach, made multiple six-figures, supported hundreds of clients ​…but something was still missing.

I was still living in deeply colonized and misaligned ways.

I was compartmentalizing my identity as a Black woman, catering to white folks, and I was worried about not being “Black enough” to work exclusively with folks of color (even though, in the background, that’s what I had been doing for years.)

And then 2020 happened.

And I knew I didn’t have the luxury of standing on the sidelines anymore.

I was tired of being suffocated by whiteness in this world.

I was over capitalism stealing my rest, self-esteem, and joy.

And when I looked outward and discovered all the incredible WOC around me who were experiencing the same damned thing, I realized I wasn’t the problem.

But I damn well knew I had to be part of the solution.

I had to join the revolution.

Allowing myself to truly be supported by other folks of color who share my values, cheer me on, and truly see me has changed my life.

I now choose to show up as messy and imperfect to show folks of color that we can liberate ourselves according to our own rules.

We no longer have to cut away at ourselves to fit into the molds that patriarchy and white supremacy tried to force us into.

I went from an outsider trying to fit in, to a leader who shows up every day as messy and imperfect, but 100% in sync with my values, my intuition and my identity.

If that sounds like a journey you want to embark on, I’ve got you, boo.

Together we’ll take risks, break down barriers, build the life that you’ve always wanted and settle for absolutely nothing less.

Now here’s the thing you need to know.

This wasn’t some special-ass Disney princess story. There’s nothing extraordinary about what I did. There was no secret formula, no magic ingredient and no fairy godmother to turn my pumpkin into a thriving liberated life.

And that’s why I know you can do it too

All I did was:

  • Trust my intuition
  • Decide how I wanted to lead…and start doing it
  • Ruthlessly say no to all the things that would drain my time and energy
  • Shut down all my “inner haters” that tried to tell me it couldn’t work and I wasn’t good enough.

I made mistakes. I fucked up (and I still do!)

But I’m living my version of my best life, waking up every day to do work that I love, making a real impact in my community, and making my own rules for how I run my life.

I want that to happen for you too. I want you to unlock your potential and reach the pinnacles of success, whatever that might mean for you.

If you’re interested in:

  • Saying fuck you to the cookie cutter ideas of “success”
  • Finding the courage to do what feels right for YOU
  • Discovering ways to integrate your identity into your career, art, leadership, etc.
  • Living your best fucking life

Take my hand and let’s do this together.

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