leading with ancestral wisdom

Apr 11, 2024

Something I’ve been talking about a ton with my clients is how they can lead more according to ancestral wisdom and cultural values.


See, like you, my clients are leaders of color who:

💡 are tired of the impersonal and inhumane ways we are told to “lead”

💡 believe that leadership can and should look different

💡 don’t want to repeat the same harms that other leaders perpetrated towards them

💡 feel torn between the ways they want to lead and the ways the world tells them they need to lead to be successful.


You and my clients want to lead in ways that honor who you are, where you come from, and the values that make you who you are today.

That may feel like an impossible shift, but here’s something that my clients have found:

If you want to lead according to ancestral wisdom and cultural value, it only takes some small, intentional shifts.

Let me give you an example.

When my clients decide they want to integrate ancestral wisdom into their leadership, one value that comes up all the time is joy.

When my clients look at the things they’ve learned from their community and culture, a big one is how to laugh, love, and create joy  — even amongst hardship.

My clients often want to bring that same ancestral joy into their leadership, too.


When we looked at how we could do it, my clients were surprised that it could be accomplished in really small, simple ways like:

✨ taking meetings outside to enjoy a really nice day

✨ creating quick, silly celebrations when their team does something well

✨ bringing in super tasty treats to meetings (one client did an old school pizza party, lol)

✨ adding plants and other decorative elements to drab spaces so that they’re more joyful to be in


These may seem like small, silly things – but these changes, while small, created a “snowball effect” for my leaders and their organizations. 

Over a short period of time, these small changes added up and created teams and organizations where there was so much more joy. 


What’s even cooler, though, is that my leaders have consistently found that by intentionally leaning into ancestral wisdom as a leader, their team is:

🥳 more productive

🥳 happier to help out and support each other

🥳 actually enjoying coming to work

🥳 more invested in the work they do


in a way that wasn’t happening when my leaders were leading in a transactional, misaligned, white-washed way.

Imagine if you could lead in a way that feels natural and good for you…

…while also seeing the folks you lead thrive and experience more success and fulfillment as a result?

It might seem like a pipe dream right now, but I know for a fact that this is possible for you, because these are results I see from my leaders of color every. single. time.

If this 👆🏿👆🏿 is something you crave and want support with, then we should chat about 1:1 coaching.


Through 1:1 coaching, I’ll support you to:

✅ identify your natural, ancestral, and values based leadership style

✅ create small, sustainable ways to shift your leadership from white-washed to decolonized

✅ overcome the internal and external obstacles that you’ll experience along the way


…so that you can finally feel confident in your skin as a leader, because you’re leading (and thriving!) your way.

Sounds good?

Click here to learn more about 1:1 coaching.

I’d be honored to help you lead in a way that honors you, your culture, and your truth.




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