Are you a good leader?

Oct 27, 2020

Your girl’s gonna get straight to the point today.

Revolutionary business is ALL about the right leadership.

It’s about showing up in your community, standing at the frontlines of your movement, and leading your people to freedom.

Now when we talk about leadership, we always talk about leading others.

What we don’t realize is that in order to lead people in effective, inspirational, and revolutionary ways, we need to first lead ourselves into freedom.

Because here’s the thing: as women and femmes of color, we’re used to constantly doubting ourselves.

We get SO caught up in guilting ourselves for the things we don’t achieve, second-guessing our every thought and action, and worrying about what others will think of us.

And we hardly have any strength or confidence left to go out there and lead other people.

How can you liberate somebody else when you’re trapped by your own mind?

How can you empower others when you don’t feel empowered yourself?

It’s time to make yourself right.

Start noticing all those moments when you begin to judge yourself too harshly. Stop that thought right there. And consciously, intentionally, pick a new thought. A kinder thought.

And say that to yourself instead.

Trust me, the moment you start loving and respecting yourself, everybody else is gonna follow your example.

So, let’s say this together.

“Leadership starts with me.”

Until next time my loves,


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