are you being safe?

Dec 9, 2020

Last week, I did a live training on how to have thriving rates while being anti-capitalist at the same time.

If you attended it, you might’ve thought I was confident, willing to speak my mind and to call out the bullshit in white supremacy culture.

But truth be told, I was fucking nervous.

Why? Because I was terrified of saying the wrong thing.

I was terrified of getting the definition of ‘anti-capitalism’ wrong.

I didn’t want to be dragged.

I didn’t want to seem like just another person who was perpetuating harmful white bullshit without truly understanding what she was talking about.

If you’re like me, and you’ve been socialized in a white supremacist culture, it’s going to be tough sometimes to speak truths, when the lines between right and wrong are fuzzy.

But it’s SO important that we do it anyway.



The path to collective liberation sure as hell isn’t paved by folks who are playing it “safe”.


If we don’t say our truths just because we’re afraid of messing up, we’re doing ourselves AND the world around us a huge disservice.

So precious, as a change-making, revolutionary women and femmes of color, we need to be willing to take big swings while knowing that we’re going to mess up sometimes.

And being okay with it.

Fear of making mistakes shouldn’t stop you from taking radical steps to change our world and free our people.

You are allowed to be imperfect and inspirational.

That’s how a revolution begins after all.


Until next time, precious,


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