Are you listening to your body?

Oct 1, 2020

The body cannot be reasoned with, it has to be felt.

Our minds are incredible places that are capable of rationalizing hurt, numbing pain, and repressing suffering.

And sometimes, we get so caught up in making sure that our minds are a-okay that we forget to listen to our bodies.

Years of generational and personal trauma, stress, and pain are trapped in our bodies.

We’re shaped by history and by our experiences of walking in an othered, racialized body every single day.

And Kelsey De Brusinis, my guest on today’s episode of the Revolutionary Rising podcast, knows more about it than anybody else.

Kelsey is a Trauma-Informed Psychosomatic Embodiment Coach & Emotional Release Bodyworker. She works with WOC entrepreneurs to help them recognize the stress and trauma that is contained in their bodies and help them release it by coming into their bodies and connecting with their deepest energy and intuition.

Kelsey defines the word embodiment as ‘in-body-ment’. She describes it as the process through which WOC are able to come into their bodies and connect completely with their physical selves.

For her, embodiment is an expansion and evolution of the female body, a process of literally recalibrating the nervous system to enable the body to hold more.

And I say Kelsey knows best because she herself embodies everything she preaches in her business. Kelsey’s philosophy stems from her own experience of battling the trauma of childhood sexual abuse, addiction, and depression.

And she recalls that the deepest knowing of her intuition came to her through her body.

On today’s episode, Kelsey and I also talk about learning to walk with your trauma, the stigma around asking for help, the trope of the ‘resilient black woman’, and the importance of slowing down enough to hear the vibrations of our physical selves.

And if you’re looking for a few tips on how you can build safety in your own body, make sure to listen right through to the end!

Your body has brought you where you are today. Nurture it, listen to it, connect with its energy, and you will see your personal life and your business transform in ways you never thought possible.

You can start by listening to this episode.

Until next time,

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