Are your sisterhood wounds holding you back?

Oct 6, 2020

We were taught to always fight for our place at the table.

To do what it takes, even it meant having to elbow somebody else out of their seat.

But doing it all alone can get exhausting – and it strips us of what we all deserve as women and femmes of color…


Sometimes, we all need somebody else looking out for us, checking in on the bad days, and cheering us on to keep going.

Sometimes, all we want is to belong to a community of strong, loving, like-minded sisters.

It’s human nature.

But our experiences of being downtrodden, discouraged, even gaslighted by communities that didn’t fully appreciate us can hold us back from reaching out to our new, chosen community.

That’s why it’s so important to heal our sisterhood wounds from the past.

Because if you’re doing life, and business alone – it’s a hell of a lot harder than it needs to be.

In my communities, my first priority is to create a safe space that allows and encourages people to show up in all their vulnerability. To be messy and imperfect and know that there is value in showing up as your real and authentic self.

Hell, I’m always showing up amongst my sisters as the messy and imperfect person that I am!

(Because yes, I get to be impactful and revolutionary and inspirational af.)

But healing your sisterhood wounds isn’t just about receiving love and support. It’s also about learning to give. A simple like or a heart react on a post is sometimes all the validation and support somebody needs. And if that’s all you have to give on some days, that’s okay.

You get to show up in whatever way you can.

In my Facebook group, The Woman of Color Entrepreneur Revolution, our sisterhood comes together to celebrate wins, ask meaningful questions, and most importantly, reach out for help.

If you feel like you’re ready to start re-learning what sisterhood feels like, welcome to the fold.

Once you’re in, if you need more support about how to get rid of YOUR sisterhood wounds, check out this live video here.

Looking forward to seeing you inside,

Your sister from another mister,


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