You Can Ask for What You Need w/ Cassandra Le

Sep 7, 2023Revolutionary Rising Podcast

When I met my client Cassandra, she was an entrepreneur and the leader of a robust team of employees and contractors.

Business was great… but the personal was, well, not.

She struggled to take time off, or enjoy her free time, because she still felt entirely integral to her team’s execution & success.

These days Cassandra is literally a whole new leader:

  • she’s created new, bold boundaries with her team & clients

  • she takes so much time off to travel, I’m jealous (and that’s saying a lot!) 

  • she delegates ruthlessly

  • she has a robust personal life that is creative, exciting, and thrilling

  • she asks for what she needs, when she needs it – without internal drama

  • she’s unafraid of difficult conversations (even if they might impact her bottom line)


Listen in to find out how she did it and how she continues to thrive.


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Connect with Cassandra:

Website – https://thequirkypineapple.com/
IG (business) – https://thequirkypineapple.com/
IG (personal) – https://www.instagram.com/cassandratle/
Podcast – https://imlostsowhat.podbean.com/

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