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Jan 26, 2023

One of my clients came to me hellishly burnt out last year.

Like many of my clients who work at non-profits, she had way too much on her plate, and folks still asking her for more.

She felt like she was drowning, and had been for a while.

Just a couple months later, however – she has:

🌈taken weeks off to rest & focus on herself (with zero guilt involved!)
🌈prioritized time for her hobbies, movement goals, and joy – even when work is insane
🌈created better boundaries at work, and at home
🌈stopped waking up every day feeling stressed
🌈started feeling excited for her future, instead of feeling stuck & scared

Yes, of course, our coaching sessions helped.

But what really helped is that when we weren’t together, she did the work.

She took the practices I gave her to help her quiet her fears and did them every single day.

And even though it was really hard in the beginning, she eventually discovered the truth:

There’s no such thing as an “overnight success” when it comes to your healing – because you’ve spent decades of your life slowly, but surely burning out.

So what does heal you?

Experimenting to find the practices that work for you…then committing to doing them over and over and over again.

It’ll feel like nothing is happening at first – but then (often faster than you expect) – you’ll start noticing:

✨you wake up peaceful instead of stressed
✨your mind doesn’t race like it used to
✨having difficult conversations is easier
✨you’re able to implement your boundaries with less internal drama
✨you’ve finally stopped worrying about work in your free time
✨you’re enjoying your life so much more

It’s because every time you practice the tools & resources that work for you…you’re chipping away, slowly but surely, at the years of burn out, stress, and fear – until they are so small that they don’t even bother you anymore.

This should be good news.

But TBH, it can feel like bad news, because committing to take care of yourself in a capitalist world that socializes you to feel like it’s a waste of time is SO. DAMNED. HARD.

This is why I never do one-off sessions with clients, and only work with my clients for months at a time.

Because it takes experimentation to find the practices that really work for you to relieve your inner world…

…and it takes a fuck ton of accountability for you to stick to them long enough for them to really work.

Are you ready to…

👉🏾kick your negative self talk to the curb
👉🏾feel more confident
👉🏾make bold, confident decisions
👉🏾stop working yourself to death
👉🏾speak your truth, no matter who’s around
👉🏾cultivate your unique leadership style

..but know that going on your own thus far just hasn’t really worked?

Then let’s talk about working together.
I’m currently enrolling for both 1:1 coaching, and my new, deeply intimate (I’m talking 6 folks or less) group coaching cohort for leaders of color.

Want in?

Click here to apply.

I can’t wait to support you,

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