Be Loud, Be Real, Be Seen

Sep 8, 2022Revolutionary Rising Podcast

The Bitch is back y’all! 

We are on season 3 and this season is all about being loud, being real, and being seen!

This season is going to be different from the first 2 seasons- we’re diving into new topics and new perspectives. And guests are back this season because 1. Representation matters and 2. I want you to experience their journeys and how they’ve learned to be their bold, messy, loud, and real selves!

So who is this season actually for? Well precious it’s for my brilliant revolutionary folks, changemakers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries.

Here’s a quick preview of what we’re getting into this season:

  • The perspective shifts that you need to make to be the loudest, boldest, and realest version of yourself
  • Exactly what being loud, being real, and being seen really means
  • All the ways that we don’t allow ourselves to be loud, be real, and be seen and what the fuck to do about it (spoiler alert- it’s about you, not them)
  • Safety and how it’s an essential piece to showing up as our fullest selves
  • How to bring in the good while releasing some fears of not being understood, accepted, and everything else you can think of


It’s gonna be a fantastic fucking season and I hope you commit to sticking around for the ride!


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