The “Good Girl” Trap w/ Brenda Ramos

Sep 8, 2022Revolutionary Rising Podcast

“Be where you are, be the fullest expression of who and what you are in this moment.” 

Today we are blessed to have Brenda Ramos join us as our first guest of the season!

Brenda works at the intersection of mindfulness, spirituality, and decoloniality as a life coach, mindfulness meditation teacher, and intuitive movement guide.

In this episode Brenda and I discuss: 

  • Her intersectional identities as a white-presenting mixed race Boricua of Taino Caribbean ancestors.
  • How growing up in the Catholic Church and spending summers in Puerto Rico led Brenda to “be a good girl” and keep her head down in order to stay “safe”.
  • The need to be seen and heard and rebelling against years of oppression. 
  • Brenda’s mindfulness tips that help her work through the programming that exists within her as a result of colonization.
  • How we need to trust ourselves because there’s a place within us under layers of socialization and fear that knows what we truly need to be loud, be real, and be seen.


About Brenda:

Brenda Ramos is a foul-mouthed, spiritual, sensual, sacred being made of light and stardust (aka an intricate system of atoms, neurons, cells, etc.). She acknowledges her intersectional identities, such as able-bodied, neurotypical, queer, cis-gendered, white-presenting, 1st-gen woman of Puerto Rican heritage, and mixed-race, most deeply connected to her Taíno ancestors. As well as a mom, daughter, sister, titi, friend, lover, teacher, student, meditator, dark chocolate enthusiast, chocolate chip cookie devourer, random drooler, and seasoned homebody.

For nearly twenty years, Brenda taught hundreds of people worldwide to express their sexiness through salsa dance. Now, she helps her clients remember and reconnect to their unique purpose and rhythm in life. Her approach is spirit-led, heart-centered, and whole-person focused.


Connect with Brenda:

You can catch glimpses of her with her family, friends, and cats on IG, but for juicy insights and words of wisdom, sign up to receive her emails.

Website: https://www.authenticwholeself.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/authenticwholeselfliving/


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