you think you’re better than me?

Aug 16, 2022

You’re brilliant at what you do.

Like, seriously – if you’re not the best, you’re 100% one of the baddest around.

I know it, and on your good days, when you’re grounded and clear headed, you know it too.

So now that we’ve established that, I’ve got a really important question for you:

Why the fuck aren’t you screaming your brilliance from the rooftops?

Don’t play coy with me.

You and I both know that even though you may share a bit about your brilliance…

…you have a ways to go before you’re promoting your testimonials, results, and reviews as loudly as a mediocre white person would.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of that dynamic for you.

Your work is needed in this world, and it’s especially needed from a melanated, big hearted individual like you.

You deserve to stop seeing people with half of your talent promoting themselves and their work with ease, and as a result, selling twice as much.

So, since I told you not to be coy with me…

…I won’t be coy with you either.

Because I know why shouting your brilliance from the rooftops is especially hard for you to do as a beautiful human of color.

As a person of color, you likely grew up hearing things like:

“you’re uppity” 

“don’t get too big for your britches”

“you think you’re better than us?” 

…and it came from people within your own community and family.

You became really aware really quickly that while you’re expected to be excellent (because you have to work twice as hard as white folks to honor your parents’ sacrifices)…

…you are definitely not allowed to celebrate your wins too loudly (but your parents can – and will – make it make sense!)

If you do, you’ll be shut down, pulled back to reality, and reminded that you aren’t all that.

This is why it can feel so hard to share your results, testimonials, and reviews without abandon.

Even though you KNOW it’s the right thing to do…

…as long as you’re still carrying around that baggage from the way you were raised, it’s always going to feel wrong, and scary.

Deep down, you’re always going to worry that you’ll get a negative reaction if you shout your brilliance from the rooftops, because you’re still carrying those negative community experiences into your business.

You might even catch yourself bringing yourself “back down to reality” and reminding yourself that what you do isn’t “that great/special” in the same way family members used to.

This is why it’s really important that when you are trying to expand into your next level in your business and leadership…

…you’re working with a holistic coach who understands where you’ve come from and how it’s impacting the ways you are (or aren’t) showing up today.

Your business, and the actions you do or don’t take within it don’t live in a vacuum.

Your actions and inactions (even in business!) are the result of the messaging you received from your community, family, and the world.

If you learned that you could act a certain way and still maintain love, support, respect, and safety – then it’ll be easy for you to do today.

If you learned that acting a certain way (like sharing your wins!) will lead to you getting shut down, or upsetting someone you love – then even though you know it shouldn’t still be bothering you…

…it’s probably still going to show up in your business today.

Your mindset blocks, resistance, and obstacles in business – they all came from somewhere. 

It’s up to you to find the support you need in order to identify where the hell those blocks came from, and to finally heal them so you can move forward from a place that’s right for you…

…and know that showing up, sharing your truth, and doing things your way is 100% safe for you.

Ready to do that work and think it might be a good idea to do it together?

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