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Jun 8, 2023

I just hopped off a graduation call with my client, Aida (tears!)

During that call, she shared something that really made me thrilled…

…but tbh, it’s something I hear literally every time I work with a client (and it never gets old!)

“I was blown away by what I was able to work through in nine months. I didn’t expect so much change in such a short amount of time.”

Here’s why Aida was so shocked:

She had been in therapy for a long time before thinking about coaching, and if you’ve been in therapy – you know that it takes years in therapy to see deep, meaningful change.

She thought coaching would be the same way.

But there’s some things that I do in my coaching practice that enables us to make more meaningful change in a few months months than you could make in a years of therapy:

1. I’m goal oriented

When you sign up to work with meI create a unique “coaching plan” for you that includes your goals for our time together.

Setting goals isn’t enough though – we have to track them.

You and I will have an extra 30-minute call every 3 months to ensure that we’re on track with your goals.  We figure out where we’re doing great, what goals need a little more love, and refocus for the next 3 month sprint.

By documenting and tracking your progress with your goals, we ensure that your goals are constantly top of mind, and that your coaching work is always moving towards completing them.


2. You have “coaching” every single day

Unlike therapy, the most important part of your coaching work doesn’t happen during our sessions…it happens between our calls.

At the end of every single coaching session, you’ll get small, sustainable homework assignments that move you closer towards your goals.

These assignments, while small (typically you can do them in 5 minutes or less) ensure that you’re moving your goals forward every single day.

These assignments also mean that our coaching work isn’t just happening during our actual sessions – if you do your homework assignments, you’re having coaching breakthroughs, learnings, and progress every day.


3. I hold you accountable

I know what you’re thinking,

“Homework? More things to do? I’m already struggling to get things done and move forward  – that’s why I’m coming to you!”

If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to hear that every single coaching session, I’m going to check in and ask you how your coaching assignments and goals went the previous few weeks.

If you did your assignments, we’ll celebrate and talk about what you learned!

If you didn’t do them, that’s okay, too – but we’ll talk about what got in the way, and what will support you to get it done next time, so we can ensure that during our next session, you’ll come in proud of your progress.


4. I go to the root of the issue

Most therapy is a ton of talking – which is totally valuable!

But the truth is, if you’ve already done a ton of talking about your feelings, and nothing’s changing, there’s something else you need to do:

You need to integrate your body into the work.

So many of our obstacles as leaders and entrepreneurs are actually emotions, trauma, and fear that’s trapped in our body (because we try to just push it away or think our way out of it).

In order for those blocks to stop getting in your way – you need to do the somatic work in your body to release them.

That’s why, in 1:1 coaching we do more than mindset work –  we do somatic, intuitive, and ancestral work to heal the deep rooted blocks that are stuck in your body, so that you can overcome your obstacles…for good.


There’s really a ton of things I do in my coaching work to ensure you make so much progress that you’re blown away when we’re done.

If you want to learn more about them, then you should  schedule your free, discovery session with me.

During that call, we’ll:

👉🏿get clear on your goals as a leader and entrepreneur
👉🏿uncover the real reasons why your roadblocks are getting in the way
👉🏿create a 3-5 step action plan for you to overcome your roadblocks and be on your way

If it feels like a fit for us to work together, I’ll also share the details of what it’d look like for us to work together.

This call is zero sales or manipulation – it’s strictly us getting to know each other, giving you some much needed clarity and direction, and figuring out if I’m the coach you need.

Ready to give it a shot?

Click here to schedule your call.


P.S. – wanna hear more from Aida? Click here to listen to her full testimonial call.

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