blame your mom

Jan 12, 2023

My guess is that if we’re being honest… you don’t really trust yourself.

You’re constantly questioning your

👉🏾capability to do or “handle” things

You know it’s holding you back from being the leader or entrepreneur that you really want to be.

This lack of self-trust makes everything take so much longer, and stops you from actually taking the actions you know are right for you…

…and even though you KNOW this is a problem, and it’s all in your head…

…at his point, you have no idea how to make the drama stop.

I know how, btw – this is what I help my 1:1 and group coaching clients with all the time.

But before I tell you how we get rid of it, we need to talk about the reason why you’re your own worst enemy.

Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t a mindset issue, or even your fault.

You were raised to not trust yourself, like at all.

It started with your parents, who in their effort to show you how the world works, often underestimated you and dismissed your opinions…

…because what could a child possibly know?

It continued with your teachers, who in their effort to educate you, often shut down your questions, concerns, or challenges…

…because there’s only one “right” solution, right?

It crystallized in the workplace, where folks more powerful than you talked over you, ignored you, and undermined your opinions…

…because your brilliance was a threat to their status.

(And don’t even get me started on the ways that society as a whole gaslights folks of color and women into feeling like their oppression isn’t valid or based in reality.)

When you look at it that way, you never really stood a chance to trust yourself, because from the moment you could talk, you had (sometimes) well-meaning people telling you that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Here’s the good news though:

You’re not doomed to be held back by this mindfuck forever.

It takes time and practice – but it’s totally possible to learn how to trust your thoughts & instincts again, so that you can stop feeling trapped in cycles of:

👉🏾analysis paralysis
👉🏾fear of failure (or hell, even fear of success)

It’s a deeply individual process where together, we teach your mind and body that when your parents, teachers, coworkers, and the world said you couldn’t be trusted…

…they were totally fucking wrong.

And where we, step by step, teach you that it is 100% safe (and actually, so much better for you) when you trust your choices, thoughts, and emotions…

…and take aligned action based upon them.

When you’re done with this work, you’ll feel:

🔥peace of mind
🔥capable of doing so much than you ever thought possible

I know, because these are the results all of my clients feel – and if you’re ready, I’d love to explore how we can get these results for you too.

If you want to work with me 1:1, I’d recommend getting on my calendar ASAP.

Talk soon,

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