Bullshit with glimpses of light

Oct 15, 2020

We’re taught to treat ‘community’ as a dirty word.

‘Success’ in business only comes from flying solo.

A community only hinders you with jealousy and sabotage.

Hell, up until earlier this year, feeling comfortable in a community was one of my biggest struggles as an entrepreneur.

And y’all, I didn’t know what I was missing.

Today’s guest on Revolutionary Rising, Toi Marie, is one of those badass WOC entrepreneurs I found when I allowed myself to get over my fear and anxiety of opening up to a community.

One part strategist, one part coach, and one part project manager, stirred together with a generous helping of straight-talking genius, Toi helps entrepreneurs find the ease and flow required to create momentum that matters.

She’s also the founder of Business for the People, a ‘community of entrepreneurs, creatives, healers, and people dedicated to doing business differently’.

And something that struck me in our chat was how much of a future-seeing, optimistic person Toi was, and how that has helped her stay sane this crazy year.

And her incredible community is at the center of that.

In today’s episode, Toi chats with me about:

  • why 2020 has been ‘bullshit with a glimpse of light’ for her
  • how we carry over outdated corporate beliefs into our own businesses
  • her advice for moms in business (hint: it has something to do with balance being a myth) and much more!

<< Check out the episode here >>

Remember this y’all, it’s in the white system’s best interest to keep us separated from each other.

So channel your inner-Toi, and make community your strength instead.

They won’t know what hit them 😉

Until next time,

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