can you help a sista out?

Jul 13, 2022

I have a friend who recorded an entire fucking podcast and never put it out.

Like, multiple episodes and everything.

But that shit is sitting right on her shelves…

(ok, it’s 2022, its sitting on the digital shelves, but you get what i’m saying lol)

You wanna know why she hasn’t hit publish?

Because she’s terrified that she sounds dumb.

She’s worried that what she has to say isn’t good enough, isn’t worth hearing, and doesn’t make sense.

I’m not shading her, – this isn’t a personal failing.

She’s navigating a lifetime of trauma from being a brilliant, “unique” woman of color in a world where the voices of women of color are 100% unwelcome.

(Especially the brilliant and unique ones.)

She’s used to people (including her own damned family) telling her what she has to say is:


…to keep her small and not shining her brilliant, quirky as fuck light.

I don’t know about you, but I need to take a second and a deep breath after writing that, because that shit hit home.

If it hit home for you too, here’s what I have to say to you:

You don’t have a “mindset problem” if you don’t feel 100% safe:

👉🏿expanding into your next level
👉🏿speaking your bold, unapologetic truth
👉🏿integrating your culture into your work, business, and leadership
👉🏿stepping onto larger stages

You’ve experienced personal and collective trauma that stops you from showing up as big and bold as you want to.

So instead of beating yourself up…

…feeling frustrated…

…trying to push yourself past your true capacity of what you and your nervous system are ready to do, try this instead:

Start with what feels doable and easy.

It might seem slow – but I promise, if you do what’s doable, over and over again…

…you’ll make more progress, faster –

and you’ll finally actually heal decades of hurt and pain, instead of trying to bypass them to reach the next goal you’re running to.

I’ve said a lot here, , but now I want to hear from you:

What’s your #1 struggle when it comes to showing up and being seen as a revolutionary leader, entrepreneur, and changemaker?

Talk to you soon,

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