this is capitalism’s fault

Feb 2, 2022

Last week I posted a story talking about how I’m currently in an in-between space in my business – you know the place, when you leave things behind buuuut you’re still not quite sure 100% where you’re going.

It feels kind of like being on a dark path, or like you’re in the middle of the ocean, no land mass in sight.

I asked you how you feel about it…

…and I was shook to see 87% of people say that they really hate the in-between.

The subject line already spoiled it, but it’s important to repeat:

Capitalism’s to blame for this discomfort.

Capitalism teaches us that we only have worth if we are


with a destination in mind.

(That destination, btw, is always supposed to be making more money, lol.)

Capitalism teaches us that the only appropriate and safe way to move forward is to make progress and constantly “do”.

Staying still is not only “inappropriate,” but it also makes you immoral and lazy.


That’s why we get really uncomfortable when we’re in the in-between space…because it goes against decades of our (harmful) socialization.

The problem with that is that our revolutionary leadership is created, cultivated, and expanded in the in-between.

Because though the in-between can often times feel like you’re in a dark cave….

…if you look around, you might realize that dark cave is a womb.

And a womb, my love, is a place of creation.

It’s a place of new life.

It’s a place where our ancestry comes together and dares to make something new, in hopes that this new life will be the one who breaks the cycles of trauma and liberates us all.

I’ll be honest, – getting comfortable with the in-between is hard, and it takes a lot of practice.

This is why in every 1:1 coaching session I have with my clients, we practice heading into the in-between.

Yes, the client brings their topic of the day, which is our doorway into the session.

But after that, we practice trust.

We follow what comes up in their body.
We listen to the messages from the ancestors and universe that whisper in our ears.
We love up on the fear, stuckness, and emotion that shows up as “blocks”

We trust that whatever breakthroughs, takeaways, and perspective shifts that come up in the session are pointing us towards the client’s right next steps to take in expanding and deepening their revolutionary leadership.

We trust that when we practice releasing control of what we “want” to happen – what shows up is our truth… and what we actually want (and need) to happen.

If you’re looking for a space where you can ritualize stepping in the in-between so that you can expand and deepen your leadership and legacy, I have a 1:1 coaching spot waiting for you.

If you’re not ready yet, no worries – I’ll be breaking down some of my favorite tips for hating the “in-between” a liiiiiittle bit less in my next email, coming later this week.

Remember this, love:

Nothing revolutionary ever came from doing, doing, doing – it came from being courageous enough to step into the in-between, and trust the creation that emerges from that place.

Even when it looks like nothing is happening.

Even when you can’t see it.


Your ancestors…

The universe….

You’re all coming together and creating.

You just have to be willing to slow down, and get quiet enough to listen.


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