1:1 Coaching with Gieselle

Hey, precious!

If you’re reading this – you and I are talking about working together for 1:1 coaching. I’m honored that you’re here.

I’ve included the details of my 1:1 coaching container below. If you have any questions, or concerns, please reach out to me.

Even though you aren’t “officially” a client of mine – this is the beginning of our relationship together. If you want to work together, but feel all your stuff getting in the way – schedule time here and we’ll do some coaching to support you in moving forward.

Antoinette Placides

“This is one of the best life changing decisions you will ever make in this lifetime. Gieselle’s support is so generous, extremely intentional and strong. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“Working with Gieselle feels like “finally, I am home.” I can cry, I can talk about my insecurities, I can share my wins without feeling “weird” or being told “it’s just your mindset”. She gets you. Through this work, I learned to love myself in a huge way. I am now able to determine feelings/traumas/habits/instincts that are truly mine vs. the ones that are created by white people to make me feel less/not enough so I can buy into whatever they are selling. I finally learned to say NO and be unapologetic about it. I do not abuse the phrase “I am sorry” now. I own my truth and don’t give a fuck what others say or think.”

– Antoinette Placides, OBM, Podcast Manager, and Coach

After working with dozens of therapists, coaches, and healers, Kim realized that working with me is the first place she’s ever been able to be her full, true self:

Some (but not all) of what we’ll
cover in our coaching:

I will teach you techniques to quiet and control your negative self talk, and heal the internalized white supremacy culture that make you feel like your messy, full self is “not enough” so that you can finally feel that you are 10000% more than enough.

I will support you in creating practices to ground back into your body and receive the support of your intuition, ancestors, nature, and the divine so that you can finally do what you want to do, without overthinking and worrying yourself to death.

We will religiously celebrate your wins, big and small, so that you can appreciate and enjoy the life you’re living right now.

We will de-couple your goals from capitalism (i.e. numbers, productivity, and money) so that you can feel successful and proud of yourself, even when you’re not producing, hitting the “perfect” numbers, etc.

We’ll take small, do-able actions towards you showing up and being seen so that you can finally feel safe showing up in the world as the fullest expression of yourself and be seen, loved, and accepted in your full glory.

I will teach you how to sit comfortably with challenges, discomfort, and negative emotion so that you aren’t afraid to fail, because you know you can handle anything life throws your way.

We will create strategies for you to feel safe being imperfect in all of your relationships, so that you can stop trying to get it “right” and start making the impact you’re on this world to create.

We’ll also look at how producing, serving and giving intersects with your concept of feeling “worthy” and “good” – so that you can find ways to feel “worthy” and “good” without doing a damn thing.

I will help you heal the racialized trauma that has made you feel like you need to be perfect to be safe, loved, and respected so that you can rest and finally just be your damned self.

Rebecca A.

“Through my work with Gieselle, I have been able to hone in on exactly what I want to pursue, and was able to release everything else that was holding me back. ”

“Another important win was that I was able to learn what it means to mentally slow down. I have been able to truly appreciate times of rest and relaxation, and have found it increasingly easier to take time throughout my day to simply be. I was never someone who identified with being able to “chill” and all of a sudden I feel like I’m a completely different person with the unfettered ability to just relax. And it feels incredible.”

– Rebecca Anthony, Creative

Aida made more progress in 9 months
than she had with years of therapy:

When we are finished our work together, here’s what I will promise you:

  • You will finally feel confident.
  • You will take more chances.
  • You will feel less stressed.
  • You will have more joy.
  • You will feel more ease.
  • You will feel more fulfilled.
  • You will be more visible and outspoken.
  • You will stop questioning yourself.
  • You will know what is your stuff, and what belongs to capitalism and white supremacy.
  • You will be on a path to birthing the revolutionary vision. you’ve always envisioned for yourself.

I feel confident promising this because these are the results my client consistently have after working together.

- Eleanor V

“After working with Gieselle, I have personal power &I love the work that I do.”

“Working with Gieselle is worth the investment in money and time. As WOC, it is a complex weave of roadblocks, issues, systems, etc that we have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes all at once. And, having Gieselle as a coach, you will never feel alone or crazy. She is strong, direct, loving, kind, empathetic — all the qualities that you need in someone who can help you maneuver in this journey of life as a WOC.”

– Eleanor Victorioso, Financial Consultant & Finance Coach

This is a 9 month program.

This is a program about making deep change. We are not just getting you to your goals – we are fundamentally changing the way you think, feel, and operate in this world.

You have been thinking/navigating this world in unhelpful ways for decades – of course it’ll take some time to unwind those. I want this to be the last coaching program you ever need. To ensure you are good to go, we need the full 9 months.

Jackie went from feeling exhausted, angry, and feeling like she wasn’t giving 100% anywhere to feeling happier than she ever thought possible:

Brigida Swanson

“This was legit life-changing, and it happened in such a gradual subtle way over time that I’m only now realizing how much of an impact this coaching had on me. So many many thanks! ”

“I’m super thrilled to have gotten in alignment with my racial identity enough to create space to explore and discover my neurodivergent identity, which was something I only had an inkling of understanding/recognition prior to this time. I got past a huge block of wanting to “do it all” and hired my first employee! She is currently working on projects that need to be completed as I write this. I became more intentional about rest, and about noticing my emotions and needs. I’m proud of all the naps and walks and gardening time I took for myself! My advice? Join. If you have a nudge that this might be right for you, then it’s true that it is. Participate fully, do the work, and you will gain so much more than you’ve expected. It’s the best investment I’ve made in myself and I’m so grateful to have done it. .”

– Brigida Swanson, Illustrator

The Typical Client Journey:

Months 1-2

You’ll likely experience some resistance. Maybe you’ll avoid your homework. Maybe you’ll push back against me in session. It’s all normal!

Month 3

You start feeling like, “New me, who dis?” It’s like someone turned the lights on in the room you’ve been standing in, and you can see clearly for the first time. People around you begin commenting on how different you are.

Months 3-6

This is where your progress skyrockets. Each session includes a new realization, a new goal tackle, and we really knock out everything you wanted in this coaching container.

Months 6-9

You’re a radically different person at this point….but there’s some last, small tweaks we want to make. This is also where we lay down the tracks to ensure that you’re good without me when the container completes.

Months 9 and beyond

You may decide to keep working together – but it’s not because you need me. It’s because you want to continue expanding the good and claiming more.

Kat M.

“I would recommend Gieselle to every POC who wants to reject and unlearn the harmful conditioning we’ve learned to accept so we can step into our own power and make a deep revolutionary change in our lives and our community.

“I’m now so much more aware of which stories are mine and which come from patriarchy and capitalism. I’m celebrating more wins, finding my community of badass WOC and feeling affirmed and ready to move on to my next venture without self-doubt.”

– Karyn Paige, Tacoma, WA

Raquel learned how to stop comparing & despairing,
and rest in a way that is sustainable in the long term:

Investment for Coaching

Pay in Full

$11,250 USD

Receive the same benefits as monthly payments PLUS:

  • 450 USD discount
  • 30 days access to “on-demand” text and voice message coaching with Gieselle via Whatsapp to be used during any 30 consecutive days during our work together.

*This is a great tool to utilize in the beginning of your coaching to expedite results, or during difficult, tumultuous times when you need extra support.

9 Monthly Payments

$1300 USD/month

  • 2 40-minute calls/mo
  • Unlimited 15-minute Lifeline sessions (same day or next day)
  • Free invitation to any short-term workshops, retreats, or trainings I offer
  • Access to my client resources, including the Revolutionary Rising course, visualizations, recommendations for external tools & resources, and custom, interactive lessons.

Client Testimonials

Kat M.

“Working with Gieselle was one of best decisions I’ve ever made.”

“She is compassionate yet very straight forward. She knows how to help you cut through the bullshit to get to the root of what’s going on. The results and breakthroughs you get really last because she coaches you to figure it out for yourself. I know how to integrate, problem solve and listen to my intuition now. That’s one of the biggest gifts I could have ever gotten from Gieselle.

Because of the mindset work I did with Gieselle, my relationship with myself is night and day from before. My relationship with my business is different too. I have more confidence that I know what I’m doing and can do it. With the help of Gieselle, I realized that rest is a money making activity. I am at my best when I’m filled up and that works for my business. “

– Kat Munoz, Relationship CoachA
Kat M.

“Do it!!! Work with Gieselle BEFORE you invest unnecessary money on business coaches and strategists and systems.”

“I feel so confident in what I’m doing and how I’m doing it, and now my BS radar is at 100% when it comes to what other folks are selling in this space.”

– Liz Walker, Business Coach
Kat M.

“Embracing my story as a Mauritian immigrant was the key to unlocking so many mindset blocks.”

“I stopped playing small and things quickly aligned – I started to enjoy writing content more consistently, I became more confident in being seen and heard, I became less afraid to ask for help, I leaned on my community more and also showed up more genuinely for others – this felt very nourishing.

Thanks to my work with Gieselle, I built more self-trust and confidence in who I want to serve and how I want to do it, which led to an amazing collaboration with another wellness coach creating a virtual wellness summit and an incredible community that feels like a dream come true.”

– Sarah O, Wellness Coach
Kat M.

“I am not doing things because someone says I “should,” I do them because they’re the right decision for me and my business and my community.”

“The biggest shifts are the fact that I finally know and continue asking myself…what do I want? I am also unapologetic about showing up value-forward. With all this in mind, all my clients in the last few months have been women of color (primarily Latinx, like me!) so I definitely feel like this is a testament to showing up. I also took a month off thanks to our work together, and then had my highest cash month yet.”

– Lissette Calveiro. Influencer & Coach
Kat M.

“One thing that Gieselle has opened my mind to, which has shifted SO much for me is that anything and everything I want is possible. I see EVIDENCE of this everywhere now.”

“I have learned so much during this process, my business has gone from being the source of endless daily mind-fuckery, to being a source of both financial support and a community connection. I realized through this process that I’d been telling myself that I HAD to do things in a certain way in order to be successful, and that way was totally out of alignment with how I wanted to live my life. With Gieselle’s help, I have taken on the art of curating and crafting my days and weeks with mindfulness, intention, and grace.”

– Andrea Stern, Yoga Studio Owner

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