Dear Highly Sensitive Womxn

Feb 15, 2020

You are perfect the way you are.

Your sensitivity is not a burden.

Your unique set of needs are not strange.

You are not wrong for wanting and needing something different.

You have the most beautiful of souls.

I know this because I am you, I’ve loved you, and I’ve been honored to serve you.

Here’s what I want you to hear:

Your sensitivity is the most beautiful of gifts.

It forces you to create a life that actually works for you.

It tells you clearly what has no place in your life.

It shows you clearly when you are, and aren’t on purpose.

It gives you the most beautiful, open heart.

It allows you to connect with and truly feel for anyone you touch.

It supports you in creating space for others to love their uniqueness as well.

It allows you to feel so deeply, that sometimes it feels like it may break you apart.

You and I, we are the lucky ones, gorgeous.

I implore you, my dear –

Stop trying to be like everyone else.

Stop trying to follow the rules.

Stop trying to move fast, focus on numbers, and hustle yourself to death.

Stop believing that you are anything but absolutely perfect.

THAT is what killing you – not your precious sensitive heart.

It’s possible to thrive as a highly sensitive woman.

You just have to know how to listen to your sensitivity, and understand what works for you.

You have to learn how to unapologetically create and life and business that truly works for you.

You have to create boundaries with yourself, your clients, and the rest of the world.

You have to trust yourself first, and what other people think second.

When you’ve done all that, that’s when you’ll finally soar.


  • find a flow that actually works for you in your business.
  • attract clients who want YOU, and not the inauthentic version you thought you needed to be.
  • find the strategies that naturally work for you.
  • feel confident in how you show up with clients, collaborators and your team.
  • feel deeply aligned in your purpose every single day.

Are you ready to fly high, gorgeous?

If so, I’d love to support you. Ready for a chat? Schedule your call here.



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