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Feb 18, 2021Revolutionary Rising Podcast

Last year, I met with so many incredible WFOC who pushed me to start my own journey towards self-love, acceptance of my culture, decolonization, revolution, rest, and pretty much everything I keep going on and on about everywhere.

So, when I started my Revolutionary Rising podcast, I knew I had to bring those women on and chat about their own unique journeys towards showing up and running a revolutionary business themselves.

And today’s guest, Akansha Agarwal, is one of those incredible, beautiful, kick-ass women.

I met Akansha about a year ago, and let me tell ya’ll, we’ve been through a lot together.

For starters, we met because we were under the same ‘white capitalist’ business coach (blegh I know), had an epiphany about the directions we wanted our business to take around the same time, and actually had long conversations about how we plan to lead our lives in revolutionary, restful, relaxing ways in the future.

So, Akansha’s more than a little special to me.

 In fact, she’s one of my business soul sisters.

And I do not use that term lightly y’all.

Akansha is the perfect example of someone who was fucking tired of the whole ‘6-figure job, hustle hard’ lifestyle and began looking inwards for her OWN definition of success.

To her, that meant shifting the focus of her coaching business to target other South Asian WFOC like herself. The decision wasn’t easy (but when is it ever tbh?), but she’s proud of where she stands, understands how far she has come, AND is more than comfortable evolving her business.

To me, she’s the perfect role model for someone who’s in a similar position – someone who knows they should take the leap towards running a revolutionary business, but doesn’t know where to start and possibly feels trapped in self-doubt.

In today’s episode of the podcast, Akansha discusses her South Asian background, her title of ‘Embodiment and Storytelling Coach’, why there’s immense power in your story, and MUCH more.

When you’re done, make sure to reach out (through DMs, email, or on my Facebook group) and tell me how Akansha’s story inspired you, and if you’ve ever felt caged in by your own fears and if that led to a business self-sabotage.

How did you overcome that?

Until next time, precious


Connect with Akansha:

Instagram: @citrusandgold

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/citrusandgold

Website: https://www.citrusandgold.com/

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