Do you let yourself be seen?

Oct 13, 2020

Let’s go back in time shall we?

Those of you who’ve been following Revolutionary Rising might know this, but I grew up as one of the only Black girls in a predominantly white world.

Like most of us, I learned that blackness is unacceptable, and your proximity to whiteness leads to safety in the white world, and exclusion in the black world.

Ya feel me, sis?

Yes, I did gradually transition to firmly believing that if anyone has an issue with MY Black body, and my expression of blackness, it’s their problem, not mine.

But y’all, that transition wasn’t easy.

Which is why I get so fucking annoyed when white coaches always tell you to ‘show up authentically.’

If you don’t, it’s somehow your fault, your mindset is the issue.

Gimme a break, Becky.

For those of you who believe those coaches, let me say one thing loud and clear: you are not the motherfucking problem.

Let me repeat that for the folks in the back:

You. Are. Not. The. Problem.

WFOC usually have a truckload of trauma that we need to fully unpack before we can be comfortable in our own skin.

When your body and mind are screaming ‘danger!’ when you want to show up – it isn’t a sign for you to keep pushing through and ignore yourself.

It’s a sign for you to slow down, look at needs to be healed, and take it easy.

Long story short -Quantum leaping is a shortcut to burnout, re-traumatizing yourself, and a hot fucking mess if you’re a woman or femme color.

Now, turn back to your own past.

Think about all those times you’ve hid away, felt like you needed to protect yourself from the world, and shy away from your identity as a woman or femme of color.

Think about how this behavior has served you in the past, why it was necessary, and thank it.

I mean it. Take a second to recognize how you were trying to protect yourself, thank your soul for making that decision to protect you, and then release the guilt.

Now, we try [slowly] to move on.

I know firsthand that it’s hard. You have a million doubts running through your head: ‘What if I lose the ‘universality’ of my content? Will I get clients? What if people call me racist? How would my business survive this?’

You will survive this.

Your community will support you. And so will I.

So, I’ll leave you with this – what will it take for you to feel safe to be seen in your life and business?

And how can I help you get there?



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