Do You Remember?

Jan 30, 2020

I want to tell you about a client of mine.

Her voice was choked up in tears as she told me,“I just never feel good enough.”

She felt like all her friends’ businesses were doing better than her’s.

She was worried that if she did collaborations with other coaches, she’d seem inexperienced.

She felt like she had nothing to offer.

She felt like she should be doing more.

I listened, my heart breaking with her, and then told her the truth:

“It sounds like you’ve just forgotten who you are.”

This client has the depth of an ocean.

She naturally teaches me, even when she’s talking about herself on our client calls.

She has the kindest of hearts – the kind of heart that you know will accept you no matter what.

She’s the kind of womxn who makes you feel safe, and held, and loved, without speaking a word.

How could that not be enough?

I know you’re still reading….because you can relate.

You don’t feel good enough.

You don’t feel like you know enough.

You don’t feel successful enough.

You feel like an imposter.

All of that is a lie, precious.

None of that is who you are.

None of that is what anyone else but you sees.


Because we see you as you really are.

If you’re going to serve millions, change lives, and have the incredible impact you’ve been wanting to create…

…you have to remember who you truly are.

You have to feel confident about who you are and what you have to offer.

You have to know that YOU are important.

You have to feel worthy.

Are you ready to remember who you are?

Real talk: you can’t do it alone.

You need to be reminded consistently of how others see you.

You need to be called out you’re caught up in the “not good enough” lies.

You need the truth of who you really are shown to you so many times that you finally give in, believe it, and embody it.

Oh, and when you embody who you REALLY are?

That’s when the clients, money, and impact will REALLY start pouring in…

…because you’ll finally be running your business using your natural gifts, instead of using that strategy your last coach gave you (that isn’t quite working, let’s be honest).

….because your audience will finally see YOU in all your glory. (And you are fucking fantastic, ok?)

…..because a woman who knows her worth is fucking magnetic.

If you’re ready to…

🙋🏾show up as the magnetic, glorious womxn that you truly are
🙋🏾 remember who you REALLY are
🙋🏾 see your natural gifts and strengths as a womxn, business owner, and coach
🙋🏾 kick the “not good enough” lies to the curb

I’d love to offer you a complimentary, 45 minute call with me.

We will get crystal clear about what you’re craving to create in your business. I’ll show you how you’re currently in your own way of creating the impact you want in your business, and I’ll give you your unique plan to finally showing up as your powerful, whole self.

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