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Mar 21, 2024

Can I celebrate something really cool with you for a second?

Let me set the scene for you:

My client, Marie, was staring at the ocean waves as she relaxed on the beach in Belize.

(I know, I was jealous when she told me, too lol)

It was the last couple days of her vacation, and she was experiencing feelings that you likely have felt on your final dates of vacation as well:

She was dreading going back into the “real world.”

See, like you, Marie is really fucking busy.

She’s a leader at a fast paced organization, a caretaker for her child and parents, and on top of that, she exercises, meditates, and tries to see her friends as much as she can.

So, as the days were winding down during her vacation, she started thinking about:

⏰ the new babysitter she needed to hire
⏰ the massive projects she had coming up in her organization
⏰ the upcoming doctor’s appointments she needs to take her mother to

and so much more.

On previous vacations, this end of trip anxiety would creep up and increase the closer she got to coming home…

…but this time, something completely different happened.

When she started feeling that anxiety, instead of feeling captive to it and letting it completely overtake her for the rest of her vacation, she used the tools she learned during her coaching sessions.

So, instead of being anxious for days and feeling like the rest of her trip was ruined, she was able to:
👉🏿 get clear on what exactly she was anxious about
👉🏿 choose a more helpful thought to focus on

Here’s the more helpful thought she intentionally focused on instead:

“Yes, there’s a lot going on, but I can handle whatever comes my way.“

👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾 This thought, by the way, was really fucking exciting for me & Marie.

Here is why:

Marie had felt burnt out and overwhelmed for years when I met her.

She had tried so many things to overcome it – and it just kept getting worse.

She was drowning beneath her responsibilities and to-do list every single day, just getting further and further behind.

(Sound familiar?)

During the months that we worked together and systematically healed her burnout, we did some expected things, like looking at the ways that she could:

✅ say “no” more often
✅ delegate more
✅ create firmer boundaries
✅ get clear on what actually needs to be done instead of always doing “the most”

And while all of that was super powerful, the most important thing we did was heal her body and nervous system so that:

🥳she had more physical energy
🥳her emotions felt well-regulated
🥳her mind felt clear and at peace

so that she could take on the demands of her day-to-day life without feeling overwhelmed or like it was too much.

That’s why Marie was able to go about the rest of her vacation stress-free.

Enough about Marie, though, let’s talk about you.

How are you feeling these days?

Are you feeling more like Marie in the past?

You know what I mean: burnt out, exhausted, overwhelmed, overworked, with absolutely no idea how you’re gonna get out of this rut.

If so, here’s what I need you to hear:

You aren’t destined to feel exhausted forever.

There is a way out from overwhelm.

If you’re ready to find your unique way out of burnout and overwhelm, it’d be my honor to support you to discover it during 1:1 coaching.

In my 1:1 coaching container, I’ll support you to:

🌴uncover what your unique balanced lifestyle looks like for you at different phases of your life
🌴find a balance where you get everything done AND enjoy things that you want to do
🌴feel less stressed, more confident, and experience so much more joy even when life is busy


You can click here to learn more about 1:1 coaching, and to hear from some of my other clients, too.

It’s time for you to have more energy, joy, and to wake up excited and ready to take on your day.


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