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Jan 23, 2021

You may have noticed that I didn’t send out a podcast episode last week.

You might be wondering, where the hell is Gieselle?!

The truth is –

I was resting.

After that horrific act of domestic terrorism on the Capitol Building, I just wasn’t okay. And I’m sure you weren’t either.

And if I showed up in my community and pretended like it was all good and went back to business as usual, I would be lying. To myself and to you.

And I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t give in to that whole hustle and grind, show-up-all-the-time and stuff-your-feelings-in kind of mindset.

Not again, not this time.

Because the truth is, I’m SO over that bullshit.

I’m so over white capitalism and this fake sense of urgency that it pumps into all of us. It drives our businesses, our careers, our whole fucking lives.

And more often than not, it makes us miserable. It takes away our sanity, our joy, our pleasure.

And if we continue to subscribe to that mindset, we’re doing ourselves a great disservice.

‘Cause here’s the thing: A HUGE part of unlearning our internalized whiteness involves decolonizing our time.

That’s why I was so kicked by the answers I got from my Facebook community, Revolutionary Entrepreneurs of Color, when I asked them for their word for 2021.

For so many people, their word was around rest, slowing down, being more intentional in the way they do business, in the way they lead their lives.

And when so many people get ready to build their year around that one single goal, you know it’s not some random fluke.


This is a movement.

A revolution.

One towards reclaiming our time.

And reclaiming the freedom to choose how we want to spend our own fucking time this year.


That sounds powerful AF in theory, but I know that in the real world, it’s not easy to go against the tide and slow down and be intentional when everyone around you is hurtling towards the finish line.

And so, I want to ask you today, precious –

How’s it going for you? Are you resting enough? Are you being as intentional as you’d like to be? And if not, what is it that’s holding you back?


With love,


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