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Oct 25, 2022

I’ve been feeling really, deeply burnt out for the past month or so.

But instead of doing what I knew needed to be done to heal my burnout, I did a thing that you probably do too, …

…I pushed through and kept going.

I was thinking, “I really want to launch this one last course, then I’ll take a break.”

I was also thinking, “I could use a bit more money coming in over the next few months.”

The last nail in the coffin was this thought:

“I don’t want to take a break – I’ve been planning this all year long “

I bet you’ve been there and thought all these thoughts.

And TBH – all of those thoughts are fair.

So, what’s the problem here?

The problem is that I put my internalized capitalism (aka the part of me that wants to always push forward, produce, and make more money)…

…above the very real messages my body was sending me.

See, when you’ve hit burnout – your body isn’t just saying, “I’ve had enough.”

Your body is actually saying, “What you’ve been doing is too much, and we should’ve stopped at some point before this.”

And when you push past your body’s very wise signals that you need to slow the fuck down…

…that’s when you’re giving into your capitalist socialization, which says that:

👉🏾your body
👉🏾your needs

are less important than constantly producing, making money, and growing.

Listen, trust me, I get it – we all need money to survive.

And in order to make that money, we’ve gotta work.

But listen to me when I say this:

Getting the money you need to survive (and thrive!) doesn’t have to mean working yourself to the bone.

It doesn’t have to mean abandoning yourself and your needs.

You can simultaneously earn the money you need to thrive in this world – and actually have tons of:


I know, because I do it – and my 1:1 clients are out here doing it too.

(And some of my clients are doing it even without making six figures – yes, you saw that right!)

Do you want to live to work?


Do you want a life where, sure, you work – but you truly live?

If it’s the latter, we should talk about working together for 1:1 coaching.

I work with entrepreneurs and leaders of color who sure, want to make more, and do more…

…but who also want to have a joy-filled, restful, thriving life right fucking now.

(Not just when the money comes in!)

Want to join them in getting everything they want?

Click here to apply to work with me.

I’ve got two spots left in my 1:1 practice this year, and I won’t have new spots opening up until the spring – so if you want to start 2023 off strong, click here to learn more.

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