Finding Your Power As a Person of Color w/ Eleanor Victorioso

Oct 6, 2022Revolutionary Rising Podcast

When Eleanor and I met, Eleanor was running a profitable, successful financial consulting business and tbh, she was miserable.

She was still working with (white dude) clients she hated…

…working all hours of the day and night…

…and was putting her passion projects to the side for what was more urgent and important.

Today, her business couldn’t look any more different, and it’s safe to say that she has fully reclaimed it.

Now, she integrated her passions INTO her business (she does financial coaching for women of color, too!)

In this episode, Eleanor and I talk about:

  • How our work together supported her in reclaiming her business to go from being a burden to something that she loved.
  • Her history as a first gen Filipino woman, wife, and mother – and how it was impacting her ability to exist in the world the way she wanted
  • How she makes change in her business in sustainable, trauma-informed ways


About Eleanor:

Eleanor Victorioso is a transformational life & money coach and CPA who lives in Los Angeles, CA with her partner and two children. She helps women develop a healthy relationship with money to make more intentional and guided financial decisions. She has a 4 part framework of helping her clients: Liberate from their money stories, Activate their money desires, Engage with those desires through goal setting strategies, and Commit to taking realistic and loving action to achieve those goals.

She recently transitioned her career from primarily working with early-stage VC-funded startups to coaching individuals. Her passion lies in helping women connect with themselves and their ancestors to understand their inherent beauty and unique gifts. She believes that love, connection, and spiritual partnering are the ways that she can support women through this journey along with her financial experience.


Connect with Eleanor here:

Website: https://www.rhythmofmoney.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eleanorvictorioso/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eleanor-victorioso/


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