you don’t have “first world problems”

Dec 30, 2021Revolutionary Rising Podcast

That’s a wrap on season 2!

This episode we are chatting with the amazing Olivia Howard. If you don’t know who they are, I promise you, you will be glad you hopped on this episode. We are wrapping up all the things that were discussed in this season about revolutionary leadership, and discussing the final,

*most important* topic… YOU! That’s right, the most important aspect to revolutionary leadership begins and ends with you, precious. 

For some of you that may seem pretty ominous to your goals… focusing on yourself, but you need to. Olivia nails it in this episode when they say, “Revolutionary leadership is a deep commitment to our humanity”.

It’s all about being HUMAN, babe! 

Be messy 

be vulnerable

be needy AF. 

When we start to give ourselves space to focus on ourselves, a lot of times our mind tells us to stop complaining about “first world problems”. As if our problems are frivolous. So we are eliminating that phrase, first world problems, because it just isn’t a thing. 

Your problems matter, YOU matter. 

While this is the end of season two *sad* Olivia and I brought all we had to this extended session and it is one you do not want to miss. This one isn’t just for you, is all about you!

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