good intentions mean sh*t if you don’t follow through

Jan 26, 2021

I started this business with good intentions.

All I wanted was to help women and femmes of color find their place in the world. I wanted to serve my people. I wanted to do right by my community.

But somewhere along the way, I caved under the pressure of the entrepreneurship space, and I gave in to the lies and toxic BS that white capitalism feeds us all.

But phew….2020 made me get over that real quick.

Since last year, I’ve been working hard on my decolonization journey and I’m a long way from where I first started.

And a big part of that is decolonizing my business goals.

So this year, I’ve decided to do something I should’ve done a long time ago—


This year, I’m setting no financial goals.


You wanna know why?

Because I know in my core that whatever money is meant for me this year, is coming.

I show up. I run my business with integrity. There’s legitimately nothing more I could do.

I also know that sometimes, when I set financial goals – my focus on being in service to that number is not what serves me as a human being.

So this year, I’m taking money out of the equation, and taking a massive trust fall into the divine.

All I want to do is show up with integrity every day and do the work that I love so much. I want to set goals that nourish and fulfill me, that remind me of my worth, and make my business thrive.

BUT I know I say this from a place of financial privilege. I have a partner who can support me, I have a business that’s doing well, I’m financially secure. So I can afford to not care about the money.

I understand that it may not be the same for you. You might need to hit those targets to put food on the table for your family.

And that’s 100% okay.


All I want you to know, honey, is that the dollars you make do NOT define how successful your business is.


I’ve seen clients experience huge financial successes and go over the moon when they hit their 12K targets.

But guess what?

Once that high is over and the moment has passed, they’re back in the dumps. They feel stuck, uninspired, lost. They feel like their business is going nowhere, like it’s all over for them.

And that’s because they took that one financial win and equated it to real success in business.

Don’t make that same mistake.

Your income is not the definition of your success.

This year, let’s make it not about the money.

This year, define your success by:

  • The number of people you serve
  • The kind of testimonials you get
  • The people you’re able to reach out to and the love you receive from them
  • If nothing else, define your success by just how much you fucking love the work that you do.

And I promise you, that’s enough.


Until next time,


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