honesty is the best policy (for your business too)

Nov 10, 2020Revolutionary Rising Podcast

We’re all WFOC entrepreneurs who are busy conquering the world and revolutionizing our communities.

But there’s one word that still gets us all jittery and weak in the knees.


There, I said it.

Most of us (me included!) are still terrified of showing up as full-ass human beings who make mistakes, take wrong turns, lose money on unprofitable ideas, and are basically just human.

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m ALL for authenticity but if I’m being really honest, sometimes, even I think twice (or more like 10 times) before revealing the most vulnerable parts of myself to the world.

And I’m still learning to unlearn that mindset, accept my imperfections and be proud of ALL of me.

And that’s why I’m totally in awe of Hannah and the ways in which she’s just brutally honest about who she is and how she does her business.

And I’m SO excited to have her as my guest on today’s episode of the Revolutionary Rising podcast.
Hannah Martin is the founder and Creative Executive Operator of Woc Space Marketing. Hannah is a queer, second-generation Cuban American and an Inclusive Marketing coach who helps WFOC entrepreneurs dismantle internalized oppressive systems within their marketing and sell in a way that welcomes everyone to a product or service.

Hannah sees transparency as part of your responsibility towards your community.

When so many others use your success as their blueprint, you owe it to them to tell them your whole story, even the hard, messy, ugly bits of it.

And that is the second step towards inclusive marketing.

The first step is to unlearn the competitive bullshit that stops you from being honest and recognize that there is actually another way to do your business.

Hannah’s transparency comes through in the way she markets herself, owns all of her journey (the highs AND the lows), and constantly accepts that she’s (un)learning and evolving as she goes along.

Join us on today’s episode to hear us chat about what Inclusive Marketing really is and how Hannah helps her clients achieve it, how she separates her success from BS capitalist standards, and why it’s important to be specific about who you serve.

And remember, there’s no shame in telling everyone that you’re not actually a high-functioning robot and just plain human like the rest of us.

With love,

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