how i changed my life in 2022

Nov 8, 2022

“I can’t imagine anything better to spend our money on.”

My husband said this to me in our living room this past April, after I had just gotten off the phone with a doctor to discuss ketamine treatments…

…and I didn’t know it then, but those words would change my life.

See, I had (notice that past-tense!) treatment resistant depression – which essentially means that medication, and every other thing I’ve tried has never worked for me.

Ketamine was a last ditch effort my therapist recommended to hopefully give me relief.

The problem?

The treatments are really fucking expensive – and in order to spend the money on this, my husband and I would have to pause some of the spending we wanted to do in our house.

I remember the guilt & frustration I felt asking if he was okay to divert our funds…

…because at the time, I truly would have rather spent money upgrading our home than on my mental health.

Thankfully, I have a supportive partner who saw the truth:

“There’s nothing more important to spend our money on than your health.”

So we really leaned into that philosophy this year.

I started the (expensive ass) ketamine treatments.

Later, I joined a somatic program to support me (in addition to my normal therapy.)

And finally, I got a personal trainer.

And to literally everyone’s shock, for the first time in over 15 years – my depression is truly in remission.

I’m healthier & happier than I’ve been in a long, long time.

My life is changed.

And it’s all because me and my partner decided to make me our financial priority – not the house, or anything else.

This story isn’t just about me – I know this relates to you, too.

In what ways have you been de-prioritizing

👉🏾your wellness
👉🏾your happiness

in your spending?

Who (and what) do you feel like it’s more important to spend money on than…well, you?

How might your life look different in 2023 if you finally made that purchase that feels like too much – but you know is the right thing for you?

In case you don’t have a partner to tell you:

There’s nothing more important you could spend your money on than your joy & wellness.

When you’re well, you’re able to do everything you normally do WAY BETTER (and easier!) like:

✨take care of others
✨run your business
✨lead your team & organization

You’re not taking away from anything else – you’re giving them a much, much better version of yourself.

It’s not easy (there are still days where I feel some type of way about it)…

…but I can tell you from the opposite side, it’s so, so worth it.

Your joy & wellness deserves to be your priority.

It’s not a luxury.

It’s a necessity, precious.


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