how I work less than 16 hours/week

May 5, 2021

My ass just sat down to work, and it’s 11am.

That’s a full hour after I’m “supposed” to start work (I put that in quotes because I’m a self-employed human so every deadline or schedule in my business is self-imposed, if we’re being honest).

Every part of my mind was screaming that I was wrong because
… I have SO much to do
… I only work 16 hours/week, so I should at least show up for those
… I “should” be able to get ready by 10am

There were so many moments where I almost tried to cut my shower short, put on leggings instead of ironing a cute outfit, or rush my breakfast to get to work “on time”.

Thankfully, I didn’t do any of those things.


The reason why is because I’ve mastered my mindset.


I’ve got all the awareness to notice all of the stories that show up and make me want to rush into work.

I’m able to mark them as unhelpful stories that capitalism has ingrained in me to make me feel like my primary responsibility is to work (and work a ton).

I have the skills to reframe my unhelpful stories – stories that tell me “I have so much work to do” to more helpful stories like, “I’m doing my best” or “If it doesn’t get done, it doesn’t need to be done.”

There’s way more to the mindset practice, but I know you opened this email to find out how I work (less than) 16 hours a week.

Mindset is the answer.

I created a revolutionary vision for how I wanted to engage with my business…

… and then when that sense of urgency that capitalism and white supremacy culture tried to instill into me show up, I use my mindset tools to say “Nah, homie.”

As I’ve been decolonizing my business in this way, I’ve also had to embrace:

… sometimes, shit isn’t going to get done
… there are days I might be behind
… I can’t do as much as when I was working 40-50 hours/week
… things can feel hella slowww

And honestly, all of that’s okay, because I’m making an intentional choice to trade perfection and productivity in my business for a lifestyle that I actually want.

I also want to name some privilege here: I do have team members who work as much, or more than me to support the operations + marketing sides of my business. I for sure could not work 16 hours/week and run a multiple six-figure business alone.

(I had to say that because I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of coaches telling you they’re self-made, never work, and they secretly have a 200 person team.)


Long story short, here’s what you have to do in business if you want to work less:


  1. Get clear on your revolutionary vision for how much you want to work
  2. Work through all the unhelpful stories (that will sound a lot like truths) that tell you why you can’t/shouldn’t commit to that revolutionary vision
  3. Just go for it
  4. Repeat #2 as much as necessary


It’s a daily, multiple times a day process, but honestly, it’s so worth it.

Are you ready to clean up your mindset so that you can work less, and enjoy your business and life more?

Do you need support to stay committed to your revolutionary vision when fear and scarcity tell you to maintain the status quo?

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Talk soon,

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