How to Navigate Your Emotions While Running A Business

May 8, 2020

Let’s just be real: it’s a rough week to be a WOC business owner.

Unlike our white counterparts, we’re forced to navigate our emotions and retraumatization around the injustice in this country….

…while also trying to run a business.

It’s not easy…so, I wanted to stop by and share some tools that you can use to move from surviving to thriving right now.


Our instinct as WOC is to move into survival – because of the trauma that our people have experienced, and the responses our cultures have created to help us survive in an unjust world.

A big way we as WOC survive is by compartmentalizing our emotions and pushing through.

Today, I want you to really ask yourself:

Do I truly need to push my emotions down? Can I take a few hours, a day, or a few days to really feel and heal from this collective trauma?

The truth is, for most of us as entrepreneurs, taking a few days away from our business won’t ruin or shift anything dramatically.

So, get honest with yourself – do you really need to push through today and get shit done, or can you take your time?


Check in with yourself and your body.

What do you really need right now?

Do you need to call a friend?

Do you need a snack?

Do you need to lay down and take a nap?

Whatever it is that you need, check in, and see if there’s any possible way to give yourself that today.


If you feel safe and resourced navigating your emotional landscape, allow yourself to truly feel what’s going on with you.

Really sink into what you’re feeling, don’t try to shift it – just sit with it.

Notice what comes up in your body.

Ask yourself, “If this feeling had a voice, what would it say?”

Really get to know that feeling, but don’t try and shift into “equilibrium” or being okay.

Whatever you’re feeling right now is okay, and has information for you. Make sure you listen, and allow it to be.

No matter what you’re feeling today, know that I’m here for you right now.

This is rough and also – we will get past this.

Reach out to me and let me know – how are you doing today, honey?


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