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Sep 30, 2021

There is nothing better than being surrounded by an incredible group of women and femmes of color who inspire you and teach you.

I’ve known that for a while, but I was reminded last week when I was on an incredible community call with some of my clients.

(For those of y’all who don’t know, community calls are these rockin ‘calls that we do once a month in my group coaching program, where instead of focusing on coaching, we just have dope, deep conversations about the real shit we’re facing as women and femmes of color.)

Last week, we talked all about uncertainty and how…

…it makes us uncomfortable as fuck (because we wanna know what’s next!)

…certainty is a complete myth because the reality is nothing is certain (sorry if that fucked you up a little bit, but it had to be said, lol.)

…when we’re on the path to liberation, it’s necessary to intentionally step into uncertainty because as women and femmes of color, what is “certain” and “normal” is typically oppressive as hell for us.

…even when shit feels uncertain for us, we are being “held and upheld” by the universe and our ancestors, who are always guiding us to exactly where we need to be.

….places of uncertainty hold unlimited potential & creativity because when we’re not certain about what comes next, that means all of the options are on the table for us & we could literally do anything.

Long story short, the conversation was soul shattering, perspective changing, and honestly…just bomb as hell.

(BTW – You don’t have to feel FOMO because you want to be in conversations like this with dope women and femmes of color – you can just apply here to work with me, and when you sign up for either 1:1 or group coaching, you’ll get access to the recording of this conversation, and live access to future community calls.)

Feeling inspired to change your perspective on uncertainty from feeling terrified of it to feeling empowered by it, ?

If so, try out this easy exercise that I typically only share with clients (but I’m now sharing with you!):

Once a day for the next week, intentionally create uncertainty.

Some examples are:

  • Have your partner pick out dinner.
  • Hit “play me something” on Netflix and watch whatever random show they play for you (That’s how I found Manifest, y’all – so here’s your evidence that releasing control can be a good thing, lol.)
  • Record your podcast/ live video/ IG story without planning it
  • Have a coffee chat with someone new without stalking them on social media

Then, once you’ve had your “intentionally uncertain” experience and it goes well, you want to mark that as evidence for yourself that uncertainty can be totally fine and safe (or maybe even fun!)

By creating “controlled, intentional” uncertainty, we teach our brain that it doesn’t need to worry about what’s next…

…because no matter what, you’ll be fine.

If you get nothing else from this email, remember this:

Choosing to step into uncertainty, though scary, is powerful as fuck.

It’s the place where you choose to say:

“I don’t know where I’m headed, but I know that where I am is no longer where I meant to be any longer.”

“I believe in myself.”

“I trust that my success is inevitable, and pre-determined.”

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the opposite side of you letting go of your death grip on what feels “certain” and “safe” and stepping into the uncertain path which leads you which will lead you to your liberation.

You can handle uncertainty, and anything it throws your way…

…because we’re women and femmes of color – we and our ancestors have survived some real ass shit. We can do anything.

You can do anything.

Until next week,

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