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Jul 27, 2022

It’s not your fault that you struggled to promote that event the way you really should…

…or that you’ve been holding back on releasing your podcast…

…or that you’re still for some reason not screaming your results as loudly as the street tops as you know you should.

You know you should be doing it because you’re good.

Like, really fucking good at what you do – and no one out there is doing it as good or the same way you do.

(Even though somedays it feels like maybe you’re not really that great at what you do at all – that’s just mindfuckery, it happens to all of us.)

You’re tired of feeling like a best kept secret, and watching other folks’ with half as much skill and integrity make millions.

You know that if you could just be louder, and bolder, you could serve so many more people.

It’s not even fully about the money for you –it’s because you know that what you do really fucking changes people’s lives, because you’ve done it time and time again with the folks you work with.

But still – you’re holding back, and it’s driving you crazy.

Because you know that being louder, bolder, and allowing yourself to be seen in your full fucking glory is the only thing really stopping you from standing on the stages that you’ve always been meant to stand on.

This isn’t your fault.

You have tons of lived experiences, cultural messages, and socialization in a white supremacist world that tells you showing up as you – the full, messy, wild version of you is unsafe and unwanted.

Showing up in your full glory isn’t just an act of you having the right mindset.

It’s an act of you going against decades and generations of messages meant to silence you and people like you.

(aka, it’s a lot of deep ass fucking work.)

But – it’s not impossible.

You just have to decide…

…are you finally ready to prioritize this healing?

…are you ready to release the expectations and messages that your family and the world has given to you?

…are you ready to shine your brilliance so brightly that it’d be impossible not to see you?

…are you ready to change this fucking world?


If so, it’s time for you to finally give in, and do what you really kinda know you need to do:

You gotta heal this bullshit that’s living rent free inside you.


When you do this healing, you’ll:

✨have more capacity and energy to overcome the demons trying to keep you small

✨feel peaceful, and unburdened by the expectations of family and friends

✨be able to see the truth – that people love hearing from you and want to hear from you

finally start having the income, impact and expansion you know is waiting for you – because you’re allowing the people who really need you to see and hear you


Ready to live in that world?  Click here to talk about working together.

I combine mindset, somatic, ancestral and intuitive work and to support my clients in making huge strides towards showing up and being seen on larger stages.


My previous clients have:

written and published books

✨launched long delayed podcasts

✨gotten invited to speak at major conferences and events alongside household names

seen their business revenue triple (and quadruple!)

✨gotten more, better leads who are throwing cash at them


…all because they did the deep work to be loud, be real, be seen (and include their intersectional identities, too!)


Ready to join my client hall of fame?

Let’s schedule a time to talk





PS – wanna be loud, be real, be seen – but not quite ready for coaching? I’ve got really exciting news – season 3 of the revolutionary rising podcast is coming out on August 4th, and it’s all about showing up and being seen as a BIPOC entrepreneur. Wanna make sure you get notified when episodes drop? Click here to subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast player.

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