i need to come clean

Jul 15, 2022

Remember how earlier this week I told you about my client who straight up never put out her podcast?

Like, recorded the whole thing and then never hit publish?

Okay, I have something really secret and embarrassing to tell you…

I kind of do what my client does too 😬😬😬

I do put my podcast episodes out…

…but I l NEVER listen to them.

Like, shit has to be hitting the fan & seriously going wrong for me to listen to a podcast episode that I record.

And if I do it, you can bet I’m not making it through the whole thing.

The reason I struggle with it is similar to my clients’:

I’m worried I’ll sound bad, rambly, or what I say isn’t helpful at all.

The struggle is real.

So, considering my track record…let me tell you what I definitely had NO intention of relistening to:

This interview I did with a former client of mine, Dalia Kinsey for the Body Liberation for All podcast.

I was SURE this episode was straight garbage, because we recorded it after my normal working hours, and when we recorded it, I felt like an entire mess.

I made a ton of mistakes, I didn’t feel clear, it just wasn’t cute, okay?

But then I started looking at the transcript and like….

…this shit is like a divine transmission that I really, really needed to hear.

I have a feeling you might, too.

In this episode with Dalia, we talked about LITERALLY everything.

We talked about:

  • why I delete white instagram followers from my business accounts (lol, I truly do this!)
  • why focusing your business on BIPOC folks can actually be MORE profitable
  • my VERY recent journey of feeling like I belong with other BIPOC folks
  • the biggest issue I experienced running a decolonial group coaching program for BIPOC folks
  • how to build a community that TRULY feels safe for BIPOC
  • leading and having all your needs met

And literally, so so so much more.

Check out the episode here – you can listen, or read the incredible transcript Dalia has lovingly created for us.

I promise you, lots of gems await.


P.S. – if you listen, don’t be a stranger! Let me know what resonated with you!

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