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May 26, 2022

Do you really love serving and taking care of others…

…or did patriarchy and white supremacy just socialize you to conflate your sense of worth with being in service of others?

Is it really selfish to prioritize yourself…

…or were you just raised to believe that your needs and desires are inconvenient, less important, and incompatible with your oppressors?

I didn’t mean to come for you…

(okay, I did, I did)

…but the tea is, I’m tired of these stale ass narratives, and I know you are too.

You’ve been doing the whole overgiving thing your whole damned life.

You’ve been putting everyone first in your personal and professional life.

And while you do get some fulfillment from it (partially because of the socialization I mentioned above…)

Sometimes (or lets be honest, most of the time…) you’re also:

🤬burnt out

and the list goes on.

Because you’re focused on nourishing others, that you haven’t even thought to ask yourself:

What would actually fully, 100% nourish me?

You’re so focused on serving and being there for your community, that you haven’t taken time to get super crystal clear on what you need.

You’re so used to going without – that you tell yourself, and everyone around you, that you’re fine. You don’t need much, if anything at all. You just want to help.

You’ve bought into the capitalist lie of scarcity so thoroughly, that you might not even believe that it’s possible for you to have all of your needs met, and care deeply for others.

This is why, in my 1:1 coaching practice, we don’t just focus on how to be a decolonized, anti-oppressive and anti-capitalist leader.

We focus on helping you create a life and career where you shamelessly center your joy, thriving, and ease.

Where taking care of yourself doesn’t feel selfish, frivolous, or indulgent.

Where you get to be so vibrant, passionate, and fantastic – that your glory inspires everyone around you.

(And trust me, it will.)

Because as I’ve said a thousand times before – the most inspiring and liberating thing for our communities is seeing one of our own truly, and completely thriving.

That representation shows the next (and current!) generation that centering their thriving, joy, and needs is 100% possible for them, too.

Here’s what I want to remind you:

You can be community focused and have your needs met.

You can prioritize yourself without being selfish.

Sacrificing yourself doesn’t make you a better leader, facilitator, parent, etc. – it just makes you someone who is perpetuating the same, tired, narratives that were taught to you.

If you believe me, and these are the words you’ve been needing to hear for some time – it’d be my honor to support you in creating a life, career, and leadership style that centers your joy and thriving…

…instead of centering the white supremacist, patriarcal, and capitalist socialization that was taught to you.

It’s possible, precious. And when you’re ready, I’m here for you.


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