I’m challenging you

Sep 29, 2020

As human beings, we’re naturally inclined to watch other people and imitate their actions in order to survive.

And as women and femmes of color, society teaches us to second-guess our every thought and action.

We’re told that business is cutthroat, there is no place for soul-searching and intuitive thinking.

BUT, we didn’t make that rule.

And it sure as hell wasn’t made for us.

I went through years of playing by capitalism’s rules. I did everything by the book, I worked myself to exhaustion, and I was successful.

But guess what?

I was so unhappy.

There was a voice in my soul that I knew I was ignoring. A voice that told me that it’s NOT supposed to be this hard.

Working myself into exhaustion couldn’t be the only path to success.

I woke up one Monday, already ready for the week to be over (can I get an Amen!?), and stared at the pile of work that was waiting for me.

Something told me to stop. To take a break, go to the gym, relax.

On a Monday?!

A thousand anxious thoughts instantly crossed my mind but something told me to trust my intuition.

I took the morning off, chilled out with my favorite girl (and pup), Syrup, and finally strolled into my home office feeling amazing at 2 pm.

And guess what? I got more work done after 2pm than what was originally on my schedule for that crazy Monday.

Now, that’s a tiny example, but experiences like the one I had that day taught me that listening to your intuition isn’t just key, it’s necessary to live a liberated life.

So, imma challenge you today: what artificial rules govern your life? And which one are you going to break today?

Tune in to the voice that speaks only to you.

Cause everything else is just noise.

Until next time,


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