is it intuition or anxiety?

Apr 6, 2023

I saw this tweet the other day, , and I instantly thought of you:

I know this is very likely something you struggle with.

I know, because this is something my 1:1 clients and I talk about all the time.

Here’s why you struggle to know the difference between your intuition and anxiety:

You haven’t spent enough time paying attention to how anxiety & intuition feel in your body.

I find that for most of my clients, anxiety feels:



❌cyclical, like you’re caught in a thought tornado


You might find your heart racing, or your brain feeling a little distracted/disoriented.

Your intuition doesn’t feel anything like that.

For most of my clients, intuition feels:







The answers are usually simple, and they feel calm as you receive them.

If you haven’t spent time learning the difference between anxiety and intuition and how they feel in your body…

…then you probably should be worried about trusting the wrong thing.

Because our default voice that we listen to is anxiety and worry.

(It’s because most of us are taught that anxiety and worry keep us safe.  We’re raised to believe that if we worry about something/someone, we can ensure the worst case scenario doesn’t happen.  But obviously, that’s false.)

You have to consistently work to even be aware that you’re anxious and worried…

…and then you need to use the right tools for you to pull you out of your anxious, worried thoughts, so that you can center yourself in the heart of your intuition.

Connecting with your intuition takes intentional awareness and a unique process for how you connect to your intuition.

But when you do it, you can start making clear, empowered decisions based upon what’s right for you…

…instead of making shitty decisions that you don’t feel good about from a place of fear.

Are you craving to make confident, clear decisions faster – and feel confident that the choices that you’re making are the right ones for you?


If so, then we should talk about working together for 1:1 coaching.

During 1:1 coaching, I’ll support you to quiet the anxiety and worry that clouds your mind, and turn up the volume on your intuition, wisdom, and truth so that you can lead with confidence.

In addition to that, I’ll also support you:

👉🏿heal burnout

👉🏿feel more confident speaking up

👉🏿create boundaries with clients, team members, and coworkers

👉🏿cultivate more joy in your work and day to day experience


and so much more.


I’m currently on a waitlist, but I have 1 or 2 spots for 1:1 coaching opening up each month this summer and fall.

If you want to be first on the list when space is available, schedule your application call now.




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