overcoming isolation in leadership

Nov 26, 2021Revolutionary Rising Podcast

Overcoming the lonely road of leadership

After the last episode we know why revolutionary leadership can get so damn lonely, now we are digging into what the fuck to do about it!

We CRAVE a community of like minded people, and seek nourishing reciprocal relationships, but as we dive head first into the pool of prospects we tend to feel a bit more let down versus lifted up.

While each of our journeys is unique, our past traumas are likely going to impede the transition from lonely to supported. Our traumas, formed during periods of feeling unsafe, unseen, unheard, or harmed in our relationships, can be easily triggered when forming new relationships.

Let’s say it together, people cannot meet our needs if they do not know our needs!

Step 1. KNOW our needs
Step 2. Express those needs.
Step 3. Find people wanting/willing to meet said needs

We are breaking the capitalistic constraints of who ‘valuable community members’ are, and no longer shying away from the growing pains of a good relationship.

This episode we are learning to listen to our nervous system and navigate the journey of community building. No more gravitating to the wrong ass people and deepening old wounds. It takes practice, consistency, and time to build reciprocal, nourishing, relationships and there is no better time than right now to get started!

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