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Feb 11, 2021Revolutionary Rising Podcast

People have this notion that astrology is this wishy-washy non-science for weird white chicks.

I’m curious, is that how you feel too?

Well, what if I told you that the science of astrology, of mapping and following the stars, moons and seasons was all part of our ancestral wisdom?

What if I told you that white folks spun a whole bunch of lies around astrology (and a million other things) to systematically destroy our cultural heritage?

What if I told you that practicing this ancient science is actually an act of decolonization?

What if I told you that you can actually bring astrology into your business to build a powerful AF brand that shines your light upon the world?

Wait, is that even a thing?!

Damn right it is!

Meet Leslie Tagorda, a self-described Aquarius boss woman and the genius behind my brand!

A multiracial brand astrologer and strategist, Leslie is a ‘Brand Navigator’ who guides her clients through a transformative journey that helps them stop hiding parts of themselves and shine bright as the luminaries they’re destined to be.

Sounds super cool, right?!!

But the truth is, Leslie didn’t always know that this is what she was meant to do.

A professional classical clarinettist, Leslie first tried her hand at a career as a classical musician (and promptly gave up because the space was sexist AF) before getting into web design. And while Leslie knew she was pretty good at what she does, she could feel that something was amiss.

That’s when she pulled out her old charts for the first time in years. She studied them, looked at all that was happening in her life, and then it hit her — this was a form of branding right here!

Ever since then, Leslie has used astrology as a tool to help her clients discover who they really are and reflect that in their branding.

Join me on today’s episode of the Revolutionary Rising Podcast to learn more about the power of astrology in business and the powerful ways in which we can decolonize and reclaim our ancestral heritage from the damaging narratives built by white supremacy.

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Connect with Leslie:
Website: https://newmooncreative.co/
Instagram: @newmooncreativeco
Podcast: The Savvy Luminary Podcast
Facebook Group: The Savvy luminary

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