It’s Okay To Be Me w/ Emma Weatherall

Sep 22, 2022Revolutionary Rising Podcast

“Just because I haven’t been safe in the past doesn’t mean that has to be my story moving forward”

I’m so excited to be interviewing Emma Weatherall and sharing her story of how she went from brilliant and hiding, to brilliant and shouting it from the rooftops.

During this episode Emma and I discuss:

  • How not understanding cultural cues from “dominant culture” impacted her confidence 
  • The difference between knowing you’re good at what you do…and OWNING that you’re good at what you do
  • Why perfectionism doesn’t make you a better human
  • How being louder, bolder, and seen made her an even better business consultant
  • The way strategy and mindset can complement each other in your business journey


About Emma:

Emma Weatherall is a Marketing + Business Consultant who works with coaches and course creators to triple their business revenue and create a life of abundant freedom & luxury.

With an innate knack for visioning combined with her expert knowledge of online marketing honed over more than a decade in the space, Emma is a trailblazer who knows the ‘rules’ of online business inside out, so that she can break them like an artist – and in doing so has re-written the path to help thousands of clients become multi-six-figure business owners.

Emma specializes in helping women of color experience significant business growth, through designing brilliantly aligned strategies that turn efforts online into reliable revenue, always leading with your core values & bold message.

She’s been described as ‘the perfect blend of heart and strategy’, ‘a really rare person in the online space’, ‘super smart, full of integrity, fun as hell’ . . .

In short, Emma’s work is empowering to female business owners worldwide, in the truest sense.


Connect with Emma here:

Website: emmaweatherall.com

Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/emmaweatherall

Instagram: http://instagram.com/emmaweatherall


Free Opt In: https://www.emmaweatherall.com/training

Sales Boost Bundle: https://www.emmaweatherall.com/sales-boost-bundle


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