Learn to Access Your Intuition On Command

Nov 14, 2019

Last week I talked about the power of your intuition, and how it can give you the answers in your darkest hour if you’re open to listening.

Today, we’re going to stop waiting for the answers – we’re going to seek them out.

Why? Because it’s not enough to have intuition – you have to know how to access it when you need it.

If you know how to do that, then you can:

get clear, accurate answers and signs about what you should be doing in your life

make empowered, clear decisions

spend your free time exactly how you want to spend it

feel clear about when to speak up, and what boundaries to set in your personal and professional life

stop driving yourself crazy with worry

Here’s how you make decisions based upon your intuition:

#1 – When you need to make a decision about something, whether it’s big or small, decide what question you want to pose to your intuition.

#2 – Get quiet. Take a few deep breaths, and turn inward. Focus on emptying your mind as much as possible.

#3 – Ask yourself the question!

#4 – Listen for what comes up. It should come from a clear, grounded place. If it sounds fearful, anxious, or worried, then throw that away and follow steps 2 and 3 until you get a response that comes from a grounded place.

I know it sounds painfully simple…but it truly is. Intuition is waiting in the wings 24/7 – you just have to be willing to hear it.

For most of you, there’s going to be one last step that holds you back from using your intuition…actually trusting it. Because sure, you get an intuitive answer about something, but it can be really hard to follow it when you’re scared, feeling financially scarce, etc.

If you struggle to actually follow the intuitive hits that show up for you, no worries. We’ll talk about trusting your intuition in the final part of this series next week!

Until then…email me and tell me about your #1 struggle with trusting your intuition.



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