let’s talk about intersectionality

Jan 26, 2021

You know me as a Black, American mindset coach for WFOC entrepreneurs.

But, I’m more than that.

I’m a queer, cisgender, able-bodied woman. I’m a wife, a psychic and a medium, a former reality TV producer, an avid reader, a dancer, a writer, a dog mama…the list goes on.

Our bodies are home to a whole corpus of identities that exist simultaneously within us.

We’re more than just the color of our skin, more than who we choose to love, more than our job titles and our zip codes and our country of birth.

We’re shaped and molded into who we are by these multitude of identities that intersect in a million different ways.

But when it comes to embracing these identities and shining in the light of our fullness, most of us back away. We’re socialized to stay palatable, assimilate and play it safe.

Except VP Wright, my guest on today’s episode of the Revolutionary Rising podcast.

Vee is a business coach and DEI expert but they’re also SO much more.

(Case in point: They are currently getting their Masters from the Berkelee School of Music. See what I’m talking about?!)

A black femme and non binary human, Vee identifies as queer (specifically pansexual) and is multi-ethnic and multi-cultural.

But on the outside, people see only Black.

Growing up in a strong Christian family, Vee was made to believe that you couldn’t have multiple identities and still follow Christ.

But as they grew older, Vee began to realize that Christ couldn’t possibly want us to live a full life by hiding away parts of ourselves.

Vee embodies all their intersectionalities. And they have dedicated themselves towards creating inclusive spaces that empower others to embrace the multi-dimensionality of their lives and feel safe doing so.

This matters because so many of us tend to negate the many intersecting identities that inform our personalities.

We may be guilty of appropriating indigenous cultures and turning them into trends. We may dismiss the experiential aspects of someone’s life, especially of non-white folx. Without realizing it, we may treat people differently based on their gender expression and identity.

And that is just as wrong as the oppression we’re fighting against.

As POC, we need to examine our own biases and privileges, and keep asking ourselves, every single day – how can I be a better human being?

Our fight for collective liberation isn’t just a fight against racism.

We need to dismantle and decolonize ALL of these systems and make it possible for every single person to feel safe and free under the open sky.

Join us today as we talk about embracing our intersectionalities and learn about Vee’s journey from being homeless a year ago to now owning a thriving and deeply nourishing business.


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And when you’re done, ask yourself — What are the identities you’ve been hiding from the world? And how are they stopping you from living your best life?

With love,

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