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Dec 22, 2020

I’ll be honest, my relationship with money isn’t perfect.

Not by a long shot.

In fact, some may say it isn’t even good.

Even though my business does well and I never worry about money in my professional or personal life…

…I’m straight up avoidant when it comes to all things money, honey.

Real, this gives me hives to share talk:

I don’t check my numbers, opening my bank account gives me heart palpitations, and I’m always scared to seriously track what’s coming in and out.

Even though my business is thriving financially more than ever…

…there’s always this ever-present fear that I’m not making enough, that I’m not good with money, that I’m not pulling my weight as an equal partner by earning as much as my husband.

I could feel shame about these things, or I could remind myself of the truth:

These ever-persistent worries, anxieties, and stories are not my own.

They’ve been passed down to me.

  • I worry about not making money because I grew up in a marginalized community where money WAS scarce.
  • I started working during a recession and I still live in some of the most inequitable times in recent history – even though previous generations and rich white men like to tell me my money struggles were all my fault.
  • I think I’m bad with money because as a woman, the men in my life have perpetuated sexist ideas that I’m “frivolous” with money… and I internalized them.
  • I worry about not being an equal partner because as a Black woman in America, I know that you can’t trust a man to stick around and take care of you.

If you’re reading along and nodding your head (and don’t worry, you’re not alone on this), I want you to know that the shame, fear, and judgments we have about money don’t start with us.

But they can end with us.

These stories don’t belong to us and aren’t our truths to bear. Once we recognize that, we can begin to create new, beautiful, exciting, liberated relationships with money.

And that’s what running a revolutionary business is all about.

So, starting today, try to do one thing every week that reinvents the wheel in the way you think about money. Hit reply and let me know how it’s working out for you – or if you need an idea. I have a good one!


Until next time precious,



P.S. Helping women and femmes of color figure out what mindset garbage belongs to you and what belongs to white supremacy (spoiler alert, white supremacy is like 90% of it) is kind of everything we do in Revolutionary Rising.

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