If You Don’t Listen To Yourself, No One Else Will w/ Kat Muñoz

Nov 3, 2022Revolutionary Rising Podcast

Today I’m joined by one of my favorite people and a former client of mine, Kat Munoz!

Kat and I talk about:

  • Finding herself and actually enjoying being herself
  • The power of asking herself what she needed and honoring what she wants
  • How she created internal safety by accepting herself 


About Kat:

Kat stands for emotional freedom for wives and moms and she empowers them to prioritize what lights them up without guilt. Her holistic approach helps you reconnect to and love yourself deeply, in ways that help you express your most authentic self in the world and also do it in ways that improve your most important relationships. If you want to feel more energized and excited about your life and the people in it, Kat’s your girl.

When she’s not emboldening others, you can usually find Kat turning her bedroom into a club, painting with her kids or recording tipsy podcast episodes with her husband.


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