why’s it “lonely at the top”?

Nov 18, 2021Revolutionary Rising Podcast

Based on the saying that we all know, and honestly have felt intimately at some point or another as a revolutionary leader, “it’s lonely at the top”.

(I’m using this phrase, recognizing that it’s flawed because revolutionary leadership is definitely non-hierarchical.)

So many of my clients that I work with come to me at pretty much the same point… they are good at holding communities together for others, but feel devoid of a community which supports them in all their needs and wants.

Listen, this isolation of revolutionary leaders is a fucking epidemic! It’s also by (white supremacist) design.

It is the system’s benefit that we all stay separate. When separated we are stuck in survival mode, following the status quo of making money to “thrive”.

The truth is, we go so much further together, and we know this in our culture, yet we are all functioning in a deeply broken place. We focus on ourselves and believe that asking for help makes our achievements less than, and as women and femmes of color we have become hyper-individualized. We have associated being strong and resilient to doing everything on our own. 

None of us have been taught how to be in a community, but as revolutionary leaders we are breaking the cycle and opening the doors to people who have our backs. 

If you listen to no other episode of the podcast, (but like, do, it’s dope, lol!) this is the one to listen to because when revolutionary leaders of color come together, support one another, compare notes…

…we truly are capable of liberating our communities and changing the entire fucking world.

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