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Jan 4, 2024

Happy New Year!!!!

If you’re anything like all of my clients right now, you’re thinking about what you want for yourself this year as a person, and as a leader.

You might have some very specific resolutions or goals that you want to accomplish this year.

So, in the spirit of helping you get everything you want this year…

…let me tell you a secret that honestly makes the difference between folks who meet their goals (hopefully you after reading this email!) and those who don’t.

Meeting your 2024 goals has literally nothing to do with discipline.

You probably don’t believe me.

I know, because literally every single client who joins my coaching practice is convinced if they were just “more disciplined” then they would meet more of their goals.

But TBH, your discipline isn’t your problem.


Here’s what is:

The way you think about your goals.

If you think a goal is easy, totally 100% achievable, and no problem, you’ll approach it with confidence.

You won’t avoid it, or put it off, because you have a positive association with it.

Hell, you might even look forward to it or be excited to work on it.


On the flip side, if you think your goal is really big, lots of hard work, or intimidating, you’re going to avoid that shit like the plague.

This isn’t a personal failing, btw.

This is actually your body doing a really smart, protective thing.

See, your body is inclined to move towards things that make you feel good. That’s why it’s easy to eat ice cream, cake, and tasty things.

That being said, it’s also designed to protect you from things that are painful or make you feel bad.

If, in your mind, the thoughts that you’re having about your goals are negative, your body is naturally going to make you feel anxious so that you avoid it, because it wants you to feel good.


So, how do you make sure your 2024 goals actually happen this year?

Pay attention to the way you’re thinking about them.


If you’re experiencing negative, or nervous thoughts, you want to mark those as unhelpful.

Even if the thoughts are 100% logical and true, they’re unhelpful if they make you anxious or avoid your goals. 

When you have these unhelpful thoughts, you want to intentionally shift your mind elsewhere and ask yourself, “Is there a more helpful thought I could have about my goals right now?”

For example, if you feel like “there’s so much to get done to achieve this goal this year,” you might switch to a more helpful thought, which might be, “I only have to focus on step one right now. I’ll worry about everything else later”

It sounds a little simplistic, but as someone who is literally in the business of helping people meet their goals…

…I can promise you that if you trust me and do this practice, you’ll accomplish your 2024 goals faster and easier than you could’ve ever expected.

(Don’t believe me? My clients routinely have 15-20 goals that we’re tracking, and 90% of my clients accomplish ALL of those goals in less than 9 months.  Yes, even the big ones.)

Already knowing this practice won’t be easy for you, or you need deeper/more support to help you accomplish your 2024 goals as a leader?

Maybe you think you might be able to accomplish your goals alone, but this year you’re ready to join my 90% and have almost guaranteed success accomplishing your goals.

If so, let’s talk.

I’ve got one spot available this month, and once it’s gone I won’t have availability until later this spring.

Click here to schedule a call to talk about 1:1 coaching.




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